Shamrock 15K 2012

Friendly Reminder: I NEED YOUR VOTES!!! Thanks, love you guys!


Nothing beats running a hilly 5 Miler on Saturday like following it up with an even hillier 15K on Sunday. Seriously, the Shamrock 15K makes the St.Malachi 5 miler look flat, that’s how hilly it was. And yes, I ran races back to back.

My favorite cheerleaders

Beal and I were the only ones registered for the race (he also ran back to back races, I am not the only crazy one out there. Ryan came to pace me and check out the hills and Allison and Brody came to cheer everyone on. Sign says “#DirtyRunners Run Fast, the dog Fartleked”. Very cute!

Super large orange shirt and a finishers medal

My only complaint about the race is that they say shirts are guaranteed to the first 300 registrants but that is not the case. It is the first 300 who pick up packets. So instead of a women’s small I got a mens small (the shirt is almost down to my knees). Ok, done complaining.

Since I just raced on Saturday I decided I wanted to run marathon pace or close to that. Marathon pace would be 8 min miles. First mile of this race was 7:11, second mile, 7:20, third mile 7:35. Glad that 8 min mile plan worked out so well. I was really cruising and then I hit this hill.

I am tired just looking at this

This was tough! The picture does not even do it justice. I think it is right at the 4 mile mark. I ran up part of it and then I was like “F-that” I am walking. No need to waste energy. Once I got to the top, I had a hard time getting back into my groove. I couldn’t really catch my breath for some reason. That hill took a lot out of me. Pretty sure that mile was a 9 min something mile (oh well). I struggled until about mile 6 but I finally got back into a pace I was happy with.

I finished with a time of 1:16:14 an 8:11 pace and finished 3rd in my age group. Not bad for walking up the big hill and for running a hard 5 miler and 13 miles total the day before.

Did I mention how nice the weather was? On Saturday I wore this. 

Saturday Attire

Saturday I wore tights, long sleeve (another long sleeve under that), head band, gloves and handwarmers.

Sunday I wore Capri tights, tank and yep that’s it. Was sporting some sunburn after Sunday’s race.

Sunday Attite with the crew

Check out the age group awards!!!! These totally make up for the shirt debacle. If they have awards like these, I will definitely be back next year. This is by far my new favorite race award. (It’s a bobble head if you can’t tell).

                                DSCN2162 DSCN2163

If you are looking for a hard, challenging, hilly race, then this is it.

What is the hilliest race you’ve ever run? Is hilliest even a word? (spell check keeps flagging it) It’s probably supposed to be most hilly or something like that (lame).

6 thoughts on “Shamrock 15K 2012

  1. St. Malachi is probably my hilliest run. At least that I can think of. Maybe the Akron Marathon. Sand run kind of hurt. Kudos on the double race weekend! Love the little bobble head trophy. Worth it! Oh, and my spell checker didnt flag “hilliest.” So it must be a legit word.

  2. Stud!!!!!!! Still can’t believe you did that double. I prob would’ve DNF’d. I wonder if we can find out if they are doing bobbleheads again next year bc that would be the only reason I will run #hillsanity bc i hate hills even though it’s my last name.

  3. you just keep kicking butt…congrats on running 2 tough courses back-to-back! i am jealous of your bobblehead 🙂 and i still submit the hilliest course was stomp the grapes of 2 years ago…although i am sure you could argue with these ones as well.

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