Towpath Half Marathon 2012

I just realized that last year was the first year they ever had this race and I ran it. This year was the second year and I ran it again. So technically I have ran every race they have had so far. I kinda like that. Hopefully I can keep that up.

Race morning I decided to grab a banana before heading out the door except the bananas were still green so I had to pass. Next idea was a powerbar, except all the ones I had were peanut butter or cookies and cream and I gave up cookies and peanut butter (and everything else) for lent. So I grabbed a Gu to take with me and downed some Powerade before walking out of the house.

Driving to the race I was freezing. In the days leading up to the race I saw highs of 60s, aka perfect racing weather for me. Race morning, 39 degrees 😦 I sucked it up though, didn’t over dress and got to the race an hour early to do a warm up. I had to get my 20 miler in on Sunday, 1 mile warm up, 13.1 mile run, 6 mile cooldown.

20 mins before the race I realized I left my Gu in the car and was wishing I had a pair of gloves with me as it was getting chilly. Oh and I had to pee! But with 20 mins before the race there was no time. I decided I would have to stop at a port-o-let during the race. I could have peed in the woods but I have still not mastered that without peeing all over myself.

Race started and I was already planning which one I would stop to pee at. It was all I could think about. I decided I would try and bank some time so that I wouldn’t lose too much time by stopping to pee. First mile was barely under 7 mins. I was hoping to run the first couple around 7:15 so that I could have a little over a min and a half to pee. (don’t check my math, it sounded correct while running).

Towpath Trail

I passed the first potty and decided I would definitely stop at the next one once it got a little uncrowded. And when I got to the next one I kept telling myself I would stop at the one after that. Totally tricking myself. Finally I made a deal with myself that I would pee by mile 10. We went up and over some bridges and as you are coming down, the bridges shake and I thought I was going to pee my pants. Luckily I didn’t. Although it would have made for a good story.

Throughout the race I had to pee so badly that I blew through all the water stops. I didn’t even want to look at liquids. I finally took water when I went through my friends water stop (Beal, Kristy, Matty O and Heather were all volunteering!). Mile 10 came along and I figured I had made it this far what’s 3 more miles. I bet you all saw that coming.

I remembered from last year that there is a hill at the finish, I also remember from last year that the course was a lot longer than 13.1. Luckily this year I looked down at my watch and saw 13.08 and I could see the finish line in sight. I cruised through finished in 1:41:50 a 7:46 and 6 out of 63 in my age group. AND AND AND A NEW HALF MARATHON PR!!!!!!!!!! And I ran the entire race with no Gu. And I didn’t pee. (actually never got a chance to pee until I ran back to the car…a mile down the road).

This year's shirt and medal

My last half marathon PR was from 2008! I came close to breaking that a couple times last year but finally got it this year. So far I have PR’d in the 5K, 5 mile and now the half marathon. Very happy about that little streak I have going on.

Oh and my butt barely bothered me during the race. I did take it a little easy though. A couple times I wanted to speed up but decided to play it safe for the sake of my butt.

Red=this year shirt. Green=last year

New Tradition: Take a picture of all the shirts from year to year. At least for this race.

Anyone else hold their pee during a race?

11 thoughts on “Towpath Half Marathon 2012

  1. Congrats on the PR 🙂 How you held off from peeing that long is beyond me. I’m frazzled if it’s been 10 minutes and I have to!

  2. no idea how u ran having to pee. you know me, i pee all over the place, worst feeling ever. but seriously so happy for all of your PR’s already this year!!! and also glad the butt cheek is feeling better!!!!!

  3. This is brilliant, just love it and many congratulations on your fantastic time and wonderful achievement!

  4. I think I’m going to try that race strategy: no potty stop before the race so I focus on not peeing my pants during the race instead of on the pain from running. If it got you a PR it’s worth a shot!!! Congrats on another strong race!

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