What I did with my NCAA winnings

Every year I fill out my NCAA brackets and after the first round, I am in the bottom. Every year I say I am going to pay attention to college basketball so that when it comes time to fill out brackets I can make decent decision. Every year I forget or decide that watching x games is more entertaining that college basketball.

This year I filled out 2 brackets and in the finals of both I had Ohio State and Kentucky. In one I had Kentucky going all the way and the other I had Ohio State going all the way. Obviously I didn’t win on the bracket that had Ohio State but I did win on the bracket that had Kentucky!!!!!

Before the final game was even played I knew I was in either first or second and was up against Kimi. It was down to the tie breaker score. First and second place are the payout so I decided that even if I came in second that it was ok to spend the money shopping a day early.

New Shoes!

First order of business was new shoes. My buttย has been bothering me and whenever I feel any type of injury I instantly blame the shoes. Also my shoes had over 600 miles and I normally switch them after 500. Problem was I had the hardest time finding a pair of Nike Lunar Glides, in a size 7, that weren’t purple. I hate the color purple. A couple times I was very close to breaking down and getting purple shoes just to have new shoes. Also who decided that purple and green look good together. Always reminds me of Jurassic Park.

So short

The new shoes are Nike Air Pegasus. Which I have never worn but they felt similar to the Lunar Glides, just slightly heavier. Also Heather has the same shoes so now we can be twins!

Did you notice what I was wearing in that picture? I was in need of new running shorts and was looking for a pair with a zip pocket but somehow kept going back to this super cute running skirt I saw. It was pink, had a zip pocket and the built in shorts underneath are neon yellow! The only thing that could have made the skirt any better would be neon green instead of yellow. I love the way pink and green looks together.


The problem now is what color top do I wear? Blue to match the shoes or yellow to match the skirt? Also I had a flashback to high school cheerleading while wearing this skirt. Anyone wear skirts while running? Too girly? At the Akron Marathon last year one of the pace leaders was wearing a skirt….he was a guy. He claimed it was comfy but I have a feeling he lost a bet.

11 thoughts on “What I did with my NCAA winnings

  1. LOVE the new gear!

    I think there are several color tops you can rock with the skirt. I like the blue you had on in the photo. But you could also do neutrals too-white, black and grey.

    I think the pink suits you! I used to be all about pink, but over the past couple of years purple has been my power color to rock. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Hehe, I just bought a running skirt, too (it’s black, though)!! We can totally be twins now!
    I’d go with the blue shirt like in your photo. Super cute. But either would work – switch it up! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Too girly haha!

    Love the colors though, I love loud colors! I would do a yellow top.

    Ummmm, wow, I am a freakazoid or something, I HAVE to change shoes after 250 miles. I get shin splits, IT issues and glute issues if I don’t. Damn, I wish I could wear them to 500 miles!!!!!!! SO JEALOUS!

  4. I did a bracket for the first time ever this year.. was at thr bottom after day two of games! I struggle with purple and green too ๐Ÿ™‚ glad you were able to get a pair thst you like and in such a fun color! Id love to see a guy in a running skirt haha … blue top to match the shoes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I hear ya on the shoes! I know that Brooks is releasing the new Dyad’s in July and they are super sweet. I really want to hold out for them, but my current foot pain suggests I will not come even close to July.

    I think thats a cute skirt and a great color. I like it! I ran Akron in September in a skirt and I liked it. And I did see that pace guy in a skirt too. I cant remember his name but he said his group sings songs while running and he had just, “So much fun.” I opted not to run with them, lol. He was a little out there!

  6. i used to run in the Nike Pegasus and I always liked them! they are a tiny bit heavier but they have good cushioning to them. I love the skirt…you definitely need a top that sort of matches the shoes or just go with something that is white with a border of color to match either, i also won my bracket! (just no cash involved *sads* so no shopping spree) i can’t wait for our run date in a few weeks for a PR Party!

  7. haha love that you spent the winnings so quickly. I also thinks it’s hilar we have exact opposite color preference. I am not a pink person and always look for purple or blue. Not that I hate pink, it’s just not me. Blue is #1 color of choice.

    and 600 is A LOT of miles, I am lucky to get half that. I prob switch over a little too quickly.

    Hope the butt is feeling better!!!

  8. I never do well on the NCAA brackets but it’s good to know someone does. The pink running skirt, new shoes and blue shirt look great! I saw a news story last week about a ridiculously photogenic runner and I thought, “What magazine ad is Jessica in now?” ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve had about 15 pairs of Nike Air Pegasus and love them and routinely get 600+ miles out of them.

    And great job on all the PRs you’ve been having this year!

  9. Congrats on winning your bracket, that’s pretty neat! My friend Lauren runs in the Pegasus and she LOVES LOVES LOVES them. I think that YELLOW would pull all of those colors in really well as a top. It would be hard to find a pink or blue in an identical shade (i would think).

    Now you have me curious as to how many miles I have been putting on my shoes… maybe I should keep track of that!

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