Glass City Half Marathon 2012 Recap

Finishers Medal and Glass beer mug thingy. Love It!

The Glass City Half and Full Marathon have been on my radar for some time now. It is a smaller race, flat course, not far from Cleveland and starts and ends at my real Alma Mater, The University of Toledo!

University Hall aka The Clocktower

This year, one of my BFF’s from college was running it so it was a no brainer to sign up…..or maybe she peer pressured me….even though I didn’t need it 😉

Since the course is so flat I was counting on a huge PR. Training was going really well up until lately (stupid IT band) but was still hoping I could pull it off. Goal time was 1:39:59 which would be a little over a minute PR.

Expo Entrance

 Saturday morning I drove out to Toledo and was excited to be back on campus…even if it made me feel a little old. The Glass City Marathon is a smaller race but they do still have an expo. A very small expo, but they still had some cool stuff. Below the white shirt is what they gave us  in our packet pick-up bag and the pink one I bought (it was the 2nd last one!).

I was a little upset that the white shirt said marathon on it and I was only running the half. I don’t want people to think I was running the full when I wasn’t. I assumed they just made one shirt for everyone, which I was fine with. But the full marathoners got a green shirt. So if they went through the trouble to make the marathon and half marathon shirts different colors then why not have the white shirts printed with the word “half marathon”. Just saying. End Rant.

New Shirts!

Sunday morning, I woke up and ate 3/4 of a powerbar. I need to remember to wake up in the middle of the night to eat before a race. Nerves and a small stomach make it hard to eat the morning before a race. I also went pee, twice, because I learned the hard way how running a race while having to pee will go.

I thought I left with enough time to get to the course and get a warm up in but hit some traffic on the way, stopped at the restroom and before I knew it I was out of time, no warm up, just headed straight to the starting line. I ran into Bill Roddy at the start and officially met in person. He ended up running a sub 3:30 marathon on Sunday! Way to go!

Oh, did I mention how cold it was? I was freezing! There was a little wind, nothing major but it was really chilly. I was shivering pretty bad at the starting line. Still ran in my pink running skirt though.

Nerves were through the roof for this one. Couldn’t wait for the race to start. When it finally did, I was so excited to run. About a quarter into the race I could feel my IT band already tight 😦 I told myself to slow the pace down and if it got worse I had to pull out of the race, no reason to make it worse. Luckily, it warmed up and didn’t hurt too bad but was still nagging.

I ran the first 5 miles just under a 7:30 pace. Just before mile 6 there is a slight hill, nothing big but slowed my pace a bit for that one. After that the miles seemed to fly by. I don’t want to say the course is boring but there is little crowd support (actually way more than I expected) but you run through the nice parts of Toledo and where the mansions are so there’s fun stuff to look at.

Running skirt + beastly legs= almost balance me out to a girly runner.

 At mile 10 Ryan jumped in to pace me to the finish. Sadly, by then I wanted to puke and wasn’t much fun to run with. Pretty sure I said “give me my head phones and no talking” or something like that. Pretty sure he was still talking to me and I couldn’t hear him (sorry). We barreled through the last 3 miles somewhere between a 7:55-8 min pace. Not bad for wanting to puke the whole time. The last miles are on the bike path, which most runners probably thought was boring but I used to run there all the time in college so it was nice to run on it again.

The "boring" part. I prefer to say "peaceful" part

Before I knew it the bike path was reaching the University and I knew exactly how far we had to go and was almost done!!! I would have loved to have picked it up but held onto my pace. Last mile had a lot of wind in it but I didn’t let that bother me. Zig Zagged through some parking lots and before I knew it I was entering the Glass Bowl Stadium and crossing the finish line that ended on the football field. Official Finishing time: 1:42:11 a 7:47 pace and 8th in my age group. No PR, no goal time but still finished and happy with my time (only 20 secs off my PR).

Me and Heather post race

Overall, this is a good race. I would love to come back and do the full one day. It is a flat course so it would be perfect for a PR.

If you need another reason to run,  Toft’s Ice Cream is kinda on the way home. Or should I say, on the way home if you are heading from Toledo to Cleveland. This is their small cone!

Needed a little help finishing that.

13 thoughts on “Glass City Half Marathon 2012 Recap

  1. WOO HOO! Great job!

    I have run this the past 2 years. First year I got my marathon PR, then last year I got my worst half marathon time EVER due to my achilles issue. Was a perfect tune up for Cleveland marathon too 🙂

    Great job despite all the issues. And seriously, had I known about that ice cream place two years ago, you better believe I would have shaved off the few minutes I needed for the BQ!!! DANGIT!

  2. a big YES to TOFTS!!!! I would have eaten an entire tub of their ice cream after that run! Their wedding cake ice cream is my all time favorite.

    …and 1:42… damn girl, you amaze me. Nice work! (p.s. my Air Force half shirt also say “marathon” – I feel silly when people ask if I ran 26.2 miles!)

  3. I had the same complaint about the shirts when I ran the 5K last year and my shirt said “Marathon”. Second the love of Toft’s!!

  4. great race on sunday and great recap too. unfortunately, i wasn’t aware of Toft’s, so i settled for the beer tent afterward.

    thanks for the support (from you and ryan) following the race and for mentioning me here too. 🙂

  5. I hear ya about the race shirts… I kinda have a thing, I don’t like to wear shirts or anything from races I haven’t run. I think it’s weird when people get a hat or a shirt from a race they didn’t do… especially a big one.

    you still had a great race besides the IT issue… even though you didn’t get the time you wanted, at least you were pretty consistant even though feeling like crap w/ stomach and IT… so that’s very hopeful for sub 1:40 for sure!!!

    Hope your IT is feeling better soon!!!

  6. 8th in your age group! Good job!! I liked the shirts this year too, last years shirts were identical to Clevelands so hopefully that doesnt happen this year. Sorry I missed ya out there. I’m super slow and you’re super fast. Maybe some day!

  7. Great job. I appreciate seeing photos of all the Schwag! We are looking at running this Half as a Goal Half for me in tune up for my Full in May. It sounds like my kind of race! I like small and and less crowd the better. (The crowd people always say something like, “Doing great!!!” with a big smile when I am about to puke.) Love the glass mug thing, as its something useful. not thrilled about the shirt issue…While I have run marathons, this is one I’m not gonna run so why not put HALF on it! Congrats on a great time! (My goal is 1:46, but currently I’m far from it, running 9 mm after injury and surgery, but its a ways away they tell me…)

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