Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Training Week 15: Not Giving Up

I have to admit I have been pretty down about my training lately. Everything was going so well and I was seeing so many improvements and then out of no where I experienced injury after injury. First it was my buttcheek (piriformis), then my back (probably related to piriformis) and now my IT band, all due to quads being too strong compared to other muscles.

Looking back at last weeks training and I am actually not too disappointed. I was able to run 3 days, 2 races and all pretty decent runs. I am feeling the effects of not running as much now. Mentally, I am cranky. Physically, I am getting tired quicker and having a hard time holding my paces.

Sunday: Glass City 1/2 marathon
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 45 mins elliptical
Wednesday: 2 miles in the morning (test run), 45 mins elliptical, 8 miles after work
Thursday: 50 mins on the elliptical
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Hermes 10 miler (the Puke and PR story)

Finisher Medal from the 10 Miler

Total Mileage: 33.10 miles

What is most important now is resting and staying sane. I hate resting, so I can’t tell you how hard it has been. I put in some good work early on and just hoping that my body will remember that and it will kick on race day. This week I am on a “no run plan.” I am resting my legs and letting the IT band heal. Saturday I am doing the Indy Mini (1/2 marathon) and after that I think I am back to the “no run plan.”

Anyone else notice mood changes when they can’t run?

Cleveland Marathon is 19 days away!!!!

6 thoughts on “Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Training Week 15: Not Giving Up

    1. Physical Therapist says no to yoga. Says the stretches are too much for the IT band and that I can do a few yoga stretches but have to be careful. Also was told not to foam roll the IT band because its too agitated but I can foam roll my hammies and quads.

  1. OMG, last year when I was sidelined for my IT Band, and then for another 2 months for my sprained ankle, I was a bear! Poor Jay had to put up with me……..
    Rest, rest, rest is key for the IT Band. Sucks, but it is. Take care of yourself!

  2. It’s possible, and very likely, that your injuries are being caused with problems with feet/form and/or pelvis misalignment. With my ITB injury at the end of 2010, I started going to a chiropractor who helped me tremendously. It may be something you want to consider.

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