Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Training Week 16: The Week of No Running and Smart Decisions

 Yep, you read that right. For an entire week I did not run. And guess what? My IT band doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t feel tight but it also doesn’t feel ready for a run just yet. This no running thing is really starting to suck and I feel awful for anyone who has to deal with me right now, cranky is an understatement when I can’t run.

I went and saw a physical therapist who said “NO FOAM ROLLING!” My IT band is to the point that it is so agitated that foam rolling actually makes it worse. I can foam roll my quads and hammys as long as I avoid my IT band. I was given a list of exercises and stretches to do along with being told to rest it. Prior to my IT band injury I already did all the recommended stretches and exercises so it’s pretty much a fluke that I am having issues now.

 It was also suggested to tape it. The PT offered to do it for me but I declined because I didn’t want to walk around with tape on my leg……but by the end of the day I was at Dicks Sporting Goods (my second home) buying KT Tape. After youtubing some videos, I figured out how to tape my leg and it feels great! Looks silly but feels great. I heard KT tape doesn’t stay on but I have not had that problem. Mine actually stays on for days. Oh and it’s pink 🙂

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Rest and sports massage
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 45 mins elliptical
Thursday: 50 mins elliptical
Friday: 45 mins elliptical
Saturday: 30 min walk and 60 mins elliptical

Total Mileage: 0 miles (It has been years since I have had a 0 mile week)

 Did you notice I did not run on Saturday? I was registered for the Indy Mini, I even drove with my friends to Indianapolis for the weekend but when it came time to run, I decided to sit it out. I knew that if I ran I would just re-agitate my IT band. It was a tough decision to make but Cleveland is my “A” race this year. Cleveland is the race I have been training for and the race I am still planning to PR at in a couple weeks.

  Speaking of Cleveland, not sure how I became “The Logo”

The Logo

When my picture from my last race looks like this….

Post puke at the Hermes Cleveland 10 Miler

I know my picture may not show it but I do love running and usually do so with my eyes open.

What’s the longest you have taken off for an injury?

9 thoughts on “Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Training Week 16: The Week of No Running and Smart Decisions

  1. Haha! You make a great logo! && even with your eyes closed, still a pretty good race pic! i think you made a great choice in taking off a week to avoid injury! i think the longest i’ve taken off for injury was about the same… a week or so!

  2. Oh that last picture his awesome! Haha. At least they didn’t get one of you actually puking! The longest I have had to take off for injury is 6+ months when I tore my ACL in high school and had to have surgery. Then a few years back I had to take almost an entire year off from running b/c y IT Band was so jacked up. It was horrible. You are doing the right thing, at this point it’s more advantageous to take the days off than run before your marathon. Hope everything feels better soon!

  3. 😦

    3 months last winter for my hip misalignment. In my first documented race photo I am wearing COTTON.

  4. Last year I was out FOREVER due to my IT Band and then my sprained ankle. Glad you went to see a PT so that you can recover and kill the CLE race!
    You should do a post on how you became #thelogo…………. 🙂

  5. Great to hear you IT band is feeling better. Glad you went to see someone. I’ve never done any taping for anything but see it all the time. I’m going to have to look into that. I see a Chiropractor for my IT band. I know, sounds weird, but it works amazingly. Race day is so close and you are ready! Even with a mile-less week!

  6. When I was injured a couple of years ago, someone told me the foam roller to an already inflamed ITB was like picking a scab — pick, pick, pick and it will never heal. Like Julie, I went (and still occasionally go) to a chiropractor for treatment.

  7. Ha! I have an eye-closed pick from the last Cleveland 10 miler too. I look like I’m sleepwalking – not even running – so you may have a better pic. Good luck with continuing training – I’m contemplating having a zero mile week this week (last week before race!) and knowing I’m not alone makes me feel a little better.

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