Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Training Week 17: This Is It!

First, I want to share with you my workout schedule from last week. Still no running but I did do 2 miles yesterday 🙂

Sunday: Swam for 15 mins (it was the saddest swim ever, it’s just not my thing), 1 hour on the elliptical.
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 45 mins elliptical, 2 hours of dance practice
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 1 hour elliptical

Total Mileage: Another zero mile week

Now I want to share with you what was going through my head and what level frustration I was at. Yes I have started talking to myself, don’t judge. Not running may be making me slightly crazy. And have I mentioned cranky? pretty sure I have.

Sunday: “Stupid IT band costing me money, not getting any better, not letting me run. This sucks. Can’t believe I couldn’t run the Indy Mini yesterday. Wasted money on traveling and a race that I couldn’t even run. Whatevs IT Band, you suck.” (Frustration level 7)
Monday: “Rest is good for this IT band problem. It doesn’t hurt anymore so it should be ready in time for the marathon. I can do this.” (Frustration level 4)
Tuesday: “I want to punch every healthy runner I see and steal their IT bands so I can run.” (Frustration level 8)
Wednesday: “I am going to my butt voodoo lady today and she will fix my IT band and I will run again and be fine. I will even take it easy when I run, just excited to be running again” (Frustration level 2)
Thursday: “I’m not running the marathon. There is no way I can run it based on my last few weeks. This pain in my IT band is not getting any better, who am I kidding. I’m done. That’s it. Not running this year” (Frustration level 10+)

Ice that baby

Friday: “My IT band feels amazing. I can’t believe it. Can’t believe I was considering not running. Stay calm Jess, don’t get too excited and still rest it just to make sure.” (Frustration level 1)
Saturday: “IT band still feels good, I think I will run 2 easy miles if it still feels good tomorrow. Marathon is only a little over a week away so still plenty of time for rest and a miracle. Hang in there” (Frustration level 1)

This time next week, I hope to be doing the post marathon hobble. I look forward to laughing because I can’t walk up and down the stairs and hopefully writing my recap of how awesome the Cleveland Marathon is.

Who’s ready to run this race? Stay tuned for some weather tips tomorrow!

12 thoughts on “Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Training Week 17: This Is It!

  1. I say take advil for a few days leading up the race day. That’s my plan. My knee… (don’t know if it is IT band or general runners knee) is also completely hating life. I at least know what the pain feels like and know I can run through the pain.

    Let’s deal with the consequences the day after… but on Sunday get JACKED.

    I mean, Christ, you are The Logo. Duh.

  2. I am so pumped for this weekend! I am trying not to over plan my race plan and let thoughts of PRs get me all worked up. Maybe I will see you out there! I am positive you will be able to run this race, you’ve been doing all the right things! Maybe one of those IT band strap things wouldn’t hurt? I ran in one for a while before I knew what ITBS really was. Then I saw doc for it. If ya need a referral he works wonders! You got this!!

  3. keep positive jess! you have trained too long and too hard to let yourself get frustrated over a set-back. just channel your rage to punchasize each mile in the face. i will be sending healing vibes your way!

  4. girllllll… i know how ALL of those thoughts go!!! hoping your IT band cuts the crap and you can run pain free this weekend!

  5. I’ve totally fallen behind in your blog and had no clue you were injured!!! Rest up, girl!! You are a fighter and will get through this! SEE YOU SUNDAY!!!!!!!! 😀

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