My New Bling

Run 26.2

For awhile I had been looking for a cute everyday necklace to wear. I was specific though that I wanted a “marathon necklace”, something silver in color, and prefered if it was stamped medal that said “marathon” or “26.2”. Finding what I wanted wasn’t the problem. It was finding it for a good price that was the problem. My friend Beanie tipped me off to a shop on Etsy and I found this beauty.

Run 26.2

The Run Home has a whole slew of necklaces and not just for runners. There is yoga, inspiration, TRI, family, running (anything from a 5K to 26.2) etc. You can choose the necklace length and can add difference charms.

Love the packaging

I loved how cute it came in the mail. A jewelry box, business card and even a hand written note. LOVE!

Obviously I got the “Run 26.2” necklace and it was only $19.00. But there are tons of other ones to choose from. It took me a while to make the final decision but extremely happy with the one I got.

I can’t think of any creative questions today but I have a “Sidenote”. I am thinking of changing my blog name. To something easier to remember or easier to pronounce. Thoughts?


8 thoughts on “My New Bling

  1. You get pretty much the same thing when you complete the Nike women’s marathon (only that one is from Tiffany’s … which I guess is a big deal? stupid name brand stuff haha) 🙂 Heather wears hers all the time.

  2. Hi! Just found your site! So happy to hear you love your new LOVE TO RUN 26.2 Necklace! I love this one, too! Such a simple way to show your love of the Marathon! Thanks for the shout out and the great compliment! Run safe and always RUN HOME!

  3. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that! I’ve been trying to find a gift for some of my favorite runners, that would be perfect! I love it so much, thank you for sharing. Gotta love Etsy, it’s my fave.

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