Expo Shopping

Expo Entrance

Let me give you a little piece of advice. If you are going to an expo, don’t take me with you. I am 100% a bad influence and have been known to talk strangers into buying stuff they really don’t need. I think most girls say you cannot have enough clothes or shoes or something like that. I say you can never have enough running stuff.

Oh hi giant me.

Not too far after walking into the expo I saw someone who looked oh so familiar 😉 My twin! The Logo! or maybe it was just me blown up and half cartoonized on a giant sign. No biggie.

                 DSCN2202      DSCN2198

I picked up my packet and my sad bib number that I wouldn’t be able to wear 😦 But also got my race shirt, which I loved. Not pink like last years (which I loved) but still really liked it. Bright running clothes are my fav so this will fit in perfectly.

                   DSCN2199     DSCN2200

It was really REALLY hard not to spend too much money at the expo. I wanted EVERYTHING! I thought the Cleveland Marathon did an awesome job with their booth this year, there were a lot of really cool items that I had to talk myself out of not getting. But I could not pass up that brown purse thingy (I have no idea what you call those). But I love it and was perfect to take with me while spectating on Sunday. Also picked up a plain black t that says “Run 26.2” from 26.2 appareal. It was a whooping $10. Bargain! I really wanted the grey version but couldn’t find my size 😦

What’s your favorite thing about expos? What do you usually spend your money on while there?

6 thoughts on “Expo Shopping

  1. I am horrible at race expos. I want to buy EVERYTHING. That’s part of the reason why I didn’t go this weekend!! Lucky for us 5Kers, we could pick up day of. I do really like the shirts this year too!

  2. I love this year’s shirts too!! I was kinda sad (ok probably lucky considering my current situation) that they only had huge men’s sizes in the “run ohio” hoodie. I also could not pass up the $10 run 26.2 shirts. I got a pink one 🙂

  3. I don’t get it. How is it that women know how to make the saddest, puppy dog eyed, sad faces? Do they pull you aside in high school or something and teach you? Your “sad logo” from the other post and the one here with your bib are just too friggin cute (in a sad way) 😦

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