13 thoughts on “How We Met/The Bus Story

  1. AWHHHH!!!! i LOVE this story!!!! How sweet is that! I really only know the “BAD ASS RUNNER” side of you. but thanks for sharing with us a more personal side! oh yah, ps: CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!!!! such an exciting time for you both! 😀

  2. I gather from this that you are now engaged?!?!? EEKKK!!! (I hope you are because it sure seems like the backdrop for an engagement but I don’t actually see a post that says you did?!?!) Congrats to you both!!!

  3. I love this story 🙂 And I love the timeline!!! So sweet. I’m so excited for you, and was hoping it’d happen soon. Crazy considering I’ve never met either of you!!!

  4. This is a super sweet story and totally appropriate for how much you both love each other and running!…puts Mike’s and mine to shame 🙂 so happy for you both and can’t wait to see you guys again soon 🙂

  5. OMG, JESS!!! This totally just made me cry!!! You are such a beautiful person–inside and out–and deserve every bit of happiness Ryan has brought your way!! CONGRATS, again!!! Can’t say enough how happy I am for you!! 😀

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