8 thoughts on “The Engagement Party

  1. I have two suggestions for photographers!
    Stephanie Levandusky – sjoyphoto.com

    Her stuff is awesome! She has a photojournalistic style–lots of candids!

    Bruce Bishop– Bishop Photography.

    He is the chief photographer at the Elyria Chronicle Telgram. Also a friend of mine and my choice for my wedding. 🙂

    Also, my studio does weddings as well Woodard Photographic. 🙂

  2. if you want an awesome DJ (the guy that did our wedding and you KNOW you had a good time, don’t lie…those wedding pictures NEVER lie)…we used Cat DJ’s http://www.catdjs.com/ i know they are akron/canton area but they did an amazing job! totally worth the price!

  3. Sorry we missed the party!
    We actually used Bruce Bishop (who Anna mentioned!) for our wedding. I can show you my book if you’re interested in checking out his work.
    Also, Marino Brothers are the best DJ’s around, imo. They know how to get the party started!

  4. AHHH! What a fun engagement party! I love the picture of you two! You are knockin’ things out like CRAZY! That is so awesome! It will give you time to focus on SMALLER details later to make your wedding really personal. I’m so excited for you and I love reading these posts! You think time is flying right now… it’s just going to go faster! Let’s not even talk about how fast “the big day” goes by! …. a week after… I cried that it was over.. haha, I’m serious.

    Like I said before if you need help with anything or any DIY ideas, let me know!

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