Fondue And A Giveaway For YOU!

We have a winner!!!!! SuperEli23 who said

“And my favorite things to fondue are marshmallows and angel food cake. Although it is well known that Mike and I both love cheese in all shapes and forms. Your pictures are making me hungry, stop it!”

Email me your address and I’ll send you the giftcard!!!!

On Monday night instead of going home to whip up a hearty bowl of cereal for dinner, I headed to the Melting Pot in Fairview Park’s Westgate Plaza for some Fondue goodness. In case you didn’t know, the last Monday of the month is their “Spa Night“. Complementary chair and hand massages from the Aveda students as well as a chance to learn about their products.

After meeting up with a few fellow bloggers (Mary, Tracy, Crystal, Charlene and Tabs), we grabbed some drinks and got started with the first course. The first course was Cheese fondues paired with Chateau Ste Michelle Pinot Gris for the wine drinkers or Sam Adams Boston Lager for the beer drinkers.


There were 8 of us total so we had 3 different fondue cheeses to try, the Fiesta Cheddar, Spinach and Artichoke and the Wisconsin Trio Cheese. Dipping choices were artisan breads, green apples, tortilla chips (they must have known I was coming) and fresh veggies. All were amazing but the Fiesta Cheddar has a soft place in my heart and was my favorite that night.

Our second course was the salad course and I choose the California salad. Leafy greens, tomatoes, GORGONZOLA cheese (sorry one of my favs), candied pecans and raspberry walnut vinaigrette. It was really hard to pretend I was a lady and not shovel this salad into my mouth. I was holding back from licking my plate. I also love salads so I may be a little biased. This course was paired with Murphy Goode Chardonnay or Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I am a fan of chardonnay but don’t recall having this wine before, it’s a new favorite to add to the list.

The third course was the meat course, paired with Coppola Claret red wine or Stone IPA. The meats served were, lobster tail, seasoned shrimp, angus sirloin, pork tenderloin, BUFFALO CHICKEN (amazing!) and mushroom sacchetti’s. Sacchetti’s are these small purse-like pasta thingys that are filled with mushrooms. I wasn’t really interested in trying them but gave them a shot and they were really good.

The waiter pointed out each of the meats on the plate and told us cooking times for each of them. That may sound confusing but it wasn’t. The different sauces, now that can get confusing. Luckily, our waiter was kind enough to explain them twice and told us which ones went best with each item. I love sauces or anything I can dip into these were all so good that I can’t even pick a favorite. The trio of sauces pictured below is the teriyaki, ginger plum and milk curry, not pictured but we also had a Green Goddess, Gorgonzola Pot and Garlic dijon butter sauces as well.


We took a small break and had hand and chair massages after the third course. It was really stressful eating all that food. Just kidding.

For the fourth course, the chocolate course, we had Cookies and Cream Marshmallow Dream, Yin Yang and Snickers fondues. I wish I could tell you that I had a favorite but they were all honestly really good. You can’t go wrong with chocolate. This course was paired with 337 Cabernet or Rogue Chocolate Stout.


We had a variety of things to dip, strawberries and bananas (which I do all the time at home), cheesecake, brownies, pond cake, oreo coated marshmallows (it’s ok to drool, I did), graham gracker coated marshmallows and rice krispies.

My only complaint about the Melting Pot, and I have this every time I go, is that I eat too much! The food is so good that I eat until I am completely stuffed….and then some 😉

Totally normal to take pictures with your server right? We couldn’t help it, he did an amazing job and explained everything to us….even while we took a 1000 pictures as he was talking.

While at The Melting Pot I learned about their Happy Hour that they have M-F from 4-7 (Westgate only). Half priced cheeses and chocolate fondues in the bar area and discounted drinks as well. I guess you guys know where you’ll be able to find me.

Now how about a nice little giveaway 🙂 The Melting Pot is giving a gift card away to one lucky reader (ok I know most of you skim and just look at pictures but we’ll include you too). $25 gift card to use at the Fairview Park (Westgate) location or the Lyndhurst (Legacy Village) location.

You have until Thursday July 5th at 12pm Cleveland time 😉 to enter. I will pick a winner that day! To Enter leave a separate comment for each one of these that you do.

1.) Follow the @MeltingPotCleve on Twitter.

2.) Tweet about the giveaway.

3.) Like them on Facebook.

4.) Tell me your favorite thing to dip in fondue. (for me it’s tortilla chips and marshmallows)

Disclosure: The giftcard and dinner at the melting pot that I received were amazing and in return I blogged about it. Practically rocket science. They gave me good food so I gave them a good review.

19 thoughts on “Fondue And A Giveaway For YOU!

  1. It was a feast!!! I agree about eating too much – I do the same. I think I ate my body weight in bananas alone. And the pic of me proves it – I think I’m holding myself up on poor Tracy – ha ha!

  2. my fave thing is anything that goes with chocolate – strawberries, cookies, marshmallows, bananas, pretzels

  3. And my favorite things to fondue are marshmallows and angel food cake. Although it is well known that Mike and I both love cheese in all shapes and forms. Your pictures are making me hungry, stop it!

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