Summer is Over

I’m not sure what happened but maybe I need a rewind button. This summer went by entirely too fast! I mean, I still have unworn sundresses in my closet. I need a couple more weeks to get through those.

As I was looking back to see where my summer went. I didn’t go on any vacations or run any races. Which is normally what I fill my summers with, so where did it go?

Well, I spent a lot of time with my sister. Getting our nails done, attending soccer & softball games, swimming and having sister sleepovers. I have the best little sister ever.

IMG_0656[1] IMG_0618[1] IMG_0565[1]

I moved! Twice. Kinda. I moved work offices and moved in with my fiance.

Oh, speaking of Fiance, I got engaged (but you already knew that) and got a huge start on wedding planning. Just recently had engagement pictures taken and purchased a dress that I absolutely love. I recently made plans to go bridesmaid dress shopping with my Maid of Honor.

Sneak Peak. More coming soon.

So I guess that is where my summer went. My guess is that with a wedding  and getting back to racing that next summer it will go by fast again. But I wouldn’t change this summer or next summer for anything in the world.

Did anyone else’s summer go by too fast?

3 thoughts on “Summer is Over

  1. can’t wait for the engagement picture post!!! YES. this summer pretty much FLEW by. kind of relieved by it though because we were constantly on the go go go! i guess fall will be about the same here in a few weeks… but it least the air will be crisp & cool! 🙂 🙂

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