13 thoughts on “They’re Here

  1. The more photos of yours I see and more of the photos your photographer posts on her Facebook, I am pretty sure I will book her over the other photographer I had as my top choice! Her work is absolutely amazing! I love her style!
    But I have many many many many many years before I have to decide.

  2. LOVE!!! I got my engagement pics done at Olmsted Falls Park with the Bridge too! It’s a great place! They all came out so nice!

  3. These turned out great!!! Love them! The colors are just popping in all of them.

    I wasn’t sure about the whole engagement photo thing either, what do you do with them? Then Spike was like, our wedding photo’s will be us all dressed up, the engagement photo’s are US, as in the real life us. Now I’m so glad we did them because he’s right, they are US. 🙂

  4. I dont’ know if I’ve ever seen a set of engagement photos that really captured the vibe of the couple to a T. I’m super impressed, it’s hard for me to pick a favorite! (that pink dress is amazing BTW)

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