Remember When?

Ok, way way back in February of 2011, I wrote an essay for a chance to win a $25,000 living room makeover. My essay was picked out of 1000’s and then put into a voting round on Facebook of about 200. I begged and begged you all to vote for me. In October 2011 it was narrowed to the top 3 and they picked a winner and 2 runners up. Oh and the winner, was ME!!!!


 I was shocked and super excited! I waited months trying to schedule a time for the designer to come out and redo my condo. In the meantime, I ended up getting engaged and moving (not far). It didn’t seem right to accept a prize, based on an essay I wrote that was no longer true. Also, with planning a wedding I didn’t want to worry about paying the taxes on such a large prize. I talked to Wayfair, the company I won the prize from and we worked out a smaller prize. Basically, I was given a smaller prize amount and was able to pick my own stuff out. Shopping Spree!!!

The website has a ton of stuff to choose from. Except electronics, so no new tvs, playstations or laptops but just about everything else was there, furniture, home decor, tools, bedding, lighting, exercise equipment and even hot tubs! Spoiler alert, I didn’t get a hot tub 😦

I did pick out some art work for the walls though. My first choice was sold out and after searching I stumbled upon the two pieces below. (the red ones on the sides)


Next, I wanted some decorative vases, that I never would have paid the money for normally. I fell in love with tons of vases. Finally I settled on the yellow and white ones for the living room and the lime green ones for the dining room. I really loved how the lime green ones popped.

                                           IMG_0770           IMG_0775

Of course, I had to spoil my man and get him a kegerator. Ok, maybe it was for myself as well. Beer on tap in your own house is pretty amazing. In case you were wondering, we have Columbus IPA on tap right now. And I am sad to say that we have not done any keg stands yet. I’ll work on that.


And with beer on tap I need a way to stay fit. So a spin bike and treadmill were easily on the list. I have gotten so much use out of the bike and treadmill already and know that in the winter I will get even more use out of them. In case I haven’t said it before, I LOVE THE TREADMILL. It’s warm and safe, I don’t have to worry about running in the dark, weirdos who hassle me or freezing my guza off.

                                                     IMG_0776     IMG_0714

Since this was originally a “Living Room Makeover” I did end up getting a new bright red microfiber recliner and an amazing sofa. I have wanted a grey sofa with a chaise lounger forever. I  cannot tell you how many times I have said “ I love my couch” It’s also super comfy and big. It was really hard to get a good picture of the sofa because it was so big. The link above may be better. The couch did not come with the yellow pillows, I picked those out as well to tie in the yellow and white vases.

                                              IMG_0773     IMG_0772

Finally, I had to get one more thing to hang on the wall. I briefly glanced at mirrors and instantly loved this big white one. Which now hangs above the couch.


I got a couple other things that are not pictured. Such as a Hello Kitty beach towel for my sister…and maybe one for myself as well. Possible bridal jewelry, a necklace which I wore for engagement photos, a wine rack, and a new coffee maker for my mom.

So far I have been extremely pleased with everything that I have received and was worth waiting a year and a half for.

What’s the biggest prize you have won? Would you ever decline a large prize for a smaller one?

5 thoughts on “Remember When?

  1. Wow ~ congrats!!! So exciting to win and really great of them for modifying the prize for you. You got a TON of really great stuff!! The kegerator was the perfect splurge that I’m sure you’ll get a ton of use out of. Woo hoo!

  2. I’m so glad you finally posted about this. That’s AWESOME what you ended up with. Probably worked better and totally understandable! I love (read: LOVEEEEE) that white mirror

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