Bay Village Heritage 5K

Yes, I am still really behind on my race recaps. This one is from October 20th. I swear I ‘ll get caught up soon.

If you are looking for a small local race, through some neighborhoods and fairly flat, then this is your race. Also, it has a very nice wicking shirt, which is why I signed up.


Yes, it was my first speed race back but I still had planned on running a good race and holding a good pace. I’d ask you to guess what my first mile was but we all know my first mile is always in the 6’s. 6:37 if you wanted to know. Next mile was slower and the third one was even slower. I felt like I was running fast and kept pushing myself to go faster but it wasn’t happening. I was hoping to run 22:xx, instead I struggled to come in under 24 mins. On a flat course with no wind I ended up running 23:47, a 7:40 pace and 5th in my age group.

I know it was my first speed race back and that my leg is not used to running as fast as I used to. But I was still upset with my time. I never expected such a set back after having so many awesome races at the beginning of the year. Going to take some work getting back to where I was.

3 thoughts on “Bay Village Heritage 5K

  1. I know how frustrating it is when you feel like you’ve gone back to square one after an injury. I was once out for 18 months. Just keep being patient. I’ve always found that your speed comes back sooner than you think

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