Halloween Run For Justice 5K

The Halloween Run for Justice or in past years it was called The Bench Bar Classic has always had a large turnout of runners. This race offers a 5K and a 5 Miler. Last year I scored a new 5 mile PR, on my Birthday and hold the record for my age group now. This year due to silly IT band business, I decided to run the 5K. It’s always hard for me to run the shorter distances when a race offers long distances. But I said I would be careful with the IT band and take it easyish so I am.

Race Shirt

This race usually has some decent race shirts. Long sleeve cotton shirts that actually fit! I’ve probably worn this shirt 3 times since last week, probably also wore it 3 days before I washed it 🙂

It’s normally pretty cold for this race as it is but with Hurricane Sandy coming it it was crazy windy. That type of wind that actually pushes you over or feels like you can’t move. At the start of the race I felt pretty good, not even nervous or anything, which was surprising because I had dead legs all week.

My only goal for this race was to run faster than last week. Which was actually a lot harder than you think with the wind and the hill “down and around the Browns Stadium” (all Cleveland runners always say this)  oh and did I mention it was raining? Forgot about that part.

So the race started and I like always went out too fast. First mile, 6:30, maybe I just like a 6:30 mile to warm up, Second mile even with the hill was 7:03, the last mile really got me though. Coming up the Browns hill and then up West 3rd and then when I turned onto Lakeside and expected to sprint on home, I was hit with the worst wind ever. It was stopping me in my tracks. I pushed on as best I could but it was not easy.

Don’t let the 5 year old beat you!!!

As I was about to sprint to the finish I saw that some of the 1 mile walkers were finishing too. The cutest little girl was ahead of my running to the finish and I didn’t know what to do. Do I sprint to the finish and get a good finish time, do I let the little girl finish before me? Luckily she ended up walking by the time I got to here so I sprinted ahead.

So my goal to beat last weeks time was accomplished! 22:47:00 was my official finish time (7:21 pace) and good enough for 5th female overall and 2nd in my age group. Also, a minute faster than last weeks flat 5K.

Pumpkin medals!

What would you do if you had a cute little kid in front of you?  Sprint to the finish? Let them finish (even if it takes 5 extra mins)? Finish and then go cheer them on?

7 thoughts on “Halloween Run For Justice 5K

  1. You gotta beat those kids! It’s like a matter of respect. LOL. My dad has a friend who ran a marathon and got beat at the finish line by a 14-year-old girl. Talk about embarrassing!

  2. I let a kid beat me one time because I sprinted by him near the finish and then felt bad about it. I saw that kid several times at several races in the next year or so where he wasn’t as fast for some reason. Now I’ve stopped paying attention to the kids. 😉

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