Inland Trail 5K

Last year I ran the half marathon portion of this race. They also offer a marathon distance but this year I only ran the 5K. I had originally planned on running the half but decided my IT band just wasn’t ready for that yet.

I have to admit this is a small race and the course is extremely boring, although almost completely flat. The race takes place almost entirely on a bike path so there are no spectators and being a small race you usually end up running by yourself. That is the only bad thing about this race. Other than that this race is affordable, close to home, decent food, massages and pretty sweet shirts.

Loving this shirt!

They bus the half marathoners out and then they run back so I had to say bye to Ryan extra early 😦 . The 5K and marathoners start at the same place just 10 mins apart. I was so happy I got to see the marathon start. There were many runners who were registered for NYC who came out to run this race. The top 3 female finishers were all registered for NYC. Pretty cool that they made the best of the situation and got out and ran a marathon. Some of them even wore their NYCM shirts and bibs.

Once the Marathoners took off the 5K started lining up and warming up. Did I mention it was freezing!!! No wind or rain though. I lined up towards the front of the start and waited for the gun. Once we took off I took the lead for the females and 5th overall fairly fast. My goal was to run faster than last week’s time. Last week I had to deal with hills and wind, this week was flat and no wind so it should be an easy goal to accomplish.

Taking the lead early on gave me a few problems, I didn’t know how close the next person was to me, I didn’t have anyone to run with and I didn’t have any competition to push me. I just kept trying to push my pace. Usually I try to pick it up the last mile and it never really happens. This race, I started picking it up at 1.55 and kept picking it up til the finish. I was very close to coming in 4th overall but the guy in front of me got me by 1.5 seconds. Talk about close.


I ended up finishing in 22:40:50, a 7:19 pace (7 seconds fast than last week), was able to place 5th overall and 1st overall among the females. This time is a couple mins off my PR but nice to see that I am still improving since the IT band injury. I made a friend after the 5K so we ran a couple miles and talked about the Boston Marathon and then I made Ryan run a few miles with me when he finished. Total mileage for the day: 9

Shout out to Ryan who was 3rd in the Half Marathon with another killer time. I heard he has a good coach 😉

I think the next race on my list is the Turkey Trot 5 Miler. Register before November 15th for the discounted price!

Sorry for the bad grammar on this one, I’m too tired to proofread. Happy Tuesday Everyone!

6 thoughts on “Inland Trail 5K

  1. Impressed with your finish even though it’s “minutes” slower than your PR. Impressive! I know another guy who was 7th I think in the half. Good stuff.

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