Half Marathon Time

Well the legs are feeling good, I’ve completed a couple race and am getting some longer runs in. Naturally, it’s time to run a half marathon before the year ends. While running a half marathon in December is not the best of my decisions it will be the most fun because………..

I’m running the Santa Hustle!!!!!!!

Cedar Point Santa Hustle 5k

Yeah I know, pretty exciting. Oh hey, if your not as crazy as me and want to run a half marathon in December (I know I’m crazy), there is a 5K too!!! This race is filled with fun, check out the excerpt below.

Everyone is familiar with the classic holiday song “Run, Run Rudolph.” But what about “Run, Run Santa?” It’s true – though he may not appear to be in the best physical shape, Santa annually runs a half-marathon each December to gear up for the big night. Hard to believe? On December 16 in Sandusky, Ohio you can witness for yourself at the inaugural Cedar Point Santa Hustle half marathon and 5K run/walk. The challenge will be in figuring out which of the hundreds of running Santa’s is the real deal!
Thousands follow Santa’s lead and participate in Santa Hustle runs across the nation each year. For the first time in Ohio’s Lake Erie Shores & Islands region you can join the festivities. This unconventional race features candy, cookies, and holiday music along the course. To amp up the holiday hijinks, each participant receives a free Santa hat, beard, and long-sleeved dri-fit shirt. The celebration continues after the race with an after-party at Cedar Point’s Castaway Bay, complete with festive music, a buffet of food, and plenty to drink. Just do Santa a favor and keep your hands off his milk and cookies!

I’m so excited to see how this race plays out and to see everyone dressed in Santa gear. I’m a huge fan of Christmas but am loving the holiday theme of this race. Look at the swag you get. (Cannot get enough of that shirt!)

Volunteer Elves are also needed for this race and they even get Elf shirts and hats (sorry can’t find a pic, I imagine it’s green). I recommend signing up now before it sells out and before you see the weather forecast 🙂

$40.00 until December 1, 2012
$45.00 (December 2 – December 8)
$50.00 (December 9 – December 15)

Half Marathon:
$55.00 until December 1, 2012
$60.00 (December 2 – December 8)
$56.00 (December 9 – December 15)

If my math in correct this should be my 17th half marathon. Also, this race is in Sandusky 45 mins from Cleveland…if I am driving. And for those of your who don’t know, Sandusky is the home of Manny’s who has the best wedge salads ever!!! Also, the home of Tofts Ice Cream.

So who is in for a little Santa Hustle? 5K or Half Marathon? Burning off calories for all those holiday cookies!

7 thoughts on “Half Marathon Time

  1. AHHH! excited that you get to run a 1/2 before the year is over. the race sounds like an absolute BLAST! i can’t wait to see the pictures. also, i don’t run with music anymore.. but i think “run run rudolph” would be a great song to have stuck in your head for a december race!!! that swag is super cute && that price for a 1/2 is AWESOME!!!!

    i need december to hurry up && get here. for CIM’s sake && so i can read your recap alreadyyyy!!!! also: candy canes && everything mint flavored!

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