2nd Annual Pre-Turkey Trot 5K

Since I’m finally back to running and racing I’ve been trying to get in as many races as I can before the bad weather hits. After taking a weekend off racing I was itching to run again. Since it’s getting cold it’s harder to find races. Luckily, I found a race nearby that happened to be super cheap. $15 with the option of no shirt and $20 if you wanted a shirt. Since I have a ridiculous amount of race shirts I opted for the no shirt option.

Sterilite Closet Drawer White Set of 3
I have 2 of these stuffed with Tshirts. Plus an entire dresser drawer. Not even including running wicking clothing.

When I woke up in the morning my first thought was that I didn’t feel like racing. Weird because I love it. I felt like going for a run and getting my miles in but didn’t really feel like racing. I figured once I got to the race I would be fine and snap out of it.

At the race I met up with some friends for a warm up. 2.39 miles at a sub 8:15 pace. Hmm slightly too fast for a warm up but it felt good. Also longer than I normally go but I figured that would be less miles I would have to do later. We ran most of the course so it was cool to see what it would entire. Which would be flat and neighborhoods.

This race is really small but draws out some people because of the prize money. First male and  female get $100. Spoiler alert: I didn’t win. There were some speedy chicks there.

The race started and instantly I was slower than normal. I was ok with that since I ALWAYS go out too fast. I figured this was my chance to stick to my mile paces. Usually I go out hard and hold on for as long as I can. Not the smartest race strategy, I know, but it works for 5Ks…sometimes.

By the second mile, I felt fine, not winded or anything but just felt like I couldn’t push myself. I tried but never went any faster. I did have some killer runs the past few days so perhaps my legs were more tired than I thought. I wish this race was more exciting but really it wasn’t. It is a good flat course though and technically I should have ran better than I did.

I finished 2nd in my age group, maybe 6-7th female overall? The results aren’t online. My official/Unofficial time was 23:08. Pretty slow for me but still a decent run for the day. I wouldn’t have ran that fast on my own.

That’s right. Laminated age group awards.
To finish my miles for the day, I ran the course backwards with some friends and then drove to a park closer to home to run a few more. Total mileage for the day was 13 miles.

Next up: The Cleveland Turkey Trot 5 Miler! Really looking forward to this race and the cool shirts we get this year.

3 thoughts on “2nd Annual Pre-Turkey Trot 5K

  1. that’s really cool. i wish more races had the option of shirt or no shirt. i don’t think i have nearly as many race shirts as you do, but the ones i do have..i MAYBE wear like 2-3 of them. cash prizes ALWAYS seems to bring the speedsters out of nowhere, i’ve noticed that too. nice mileage. i think that’s a pretty respectable time with all the races & great workouts you’ve been having. congrats on another race!

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