Reindeer Run 5K

I’m really starting to get spoiled with all this nice weather. I really tried to convince myself that I could wear a running skirt for this race but decided against it since it was still only in the 30’s at the start. (Later in the day it warmed up to almost 60!)

Back of the Reindeer Run shirts
Back of the Reindeer Run shirts

I’ve been battling some IT band/other random knee issues the past week. Probably my fault for running 14 miles on Saturday and then 14 more on Thursday. So I avoided speed work and only ran twice before the race. I felt very fresh for this race. Goal for the race was to break out of the 22s. I did at the Turkey Trot and that was a 5 mile race.

After a perfect 1.5 mile warm up I was ready to roll. At the start I was really comfortable. Usually I am shivering at this race. Also helped that I was chatting away with my cousin-in-law Running with Lip Gloss.

MP and I at the Buckeye Half-2 yrs ago?
MP and I at the Buckeye Half-2 yrs ago?

The race started and I was a little annoyed at how many runners were way too close to the front and were clogging up the start. If you are running a 16 minute 5K get in the front. If you are running a 25 minute 5K start a little farther back. If you are walking, get to the very back. Common sense tells you that if you are walking, you will not be walking faster than the runners. Many slower runners were getting stepped on because they were too close to the front.

Once I got to the main road I tried to make up for lost time. For the record, I don’t think the start effected my time. First mile was 6:48. The race is extremely flat and through one of my favorite Westside neighborhoods, Lakewood. I never once felt like I was struggling and went without headphones for this race. At mile 2 my mile had slipped to a 7:20 but I felt pretty good. Just wanted to pick it up a bit for the last mile.

Coming in for the finish
Coming in for the finish

At about mile 2.4, I hit the point where if I pushed myself any harder I was going to puke. So I tried to slow down but think I held the same pace and kept feeling like I was going to puke. By the time I hit the 3 mile mark, I had no kick left in me because I didn’t want to puke. Still managed to cross the line in a time faster than my recent 5K times, 22:22, a 7:13 pace and 7th in my age group.

So not quite my goal time but still getting faster so I’ll take it. Hoping to get some speedwork in this week and I have one more shot at the 5K in the Jingle Bell 5K on Saturday.

Ended the day with about a 3.5 mile cooldown, about 8 miles for the day.

Anyone else race this weekend? Beautiful temps in Cleveland…not so beautiful for the CIM marathon 😦

P.S. Ryan PR’d in the 5K this weekend. Super jealous of him right now!

14 thoughts on “Reindeer Run 5K

  1. congrats to ryan and you on your run! wish i could have done this race.

    on a side note, i think you need to get some wedding pics with you both dashing out of the church. just sayin’

  2. I ran the Reindeer Run too! Sounds like you were about a mile ahead of me though! Congrats on improving your time. It was surprisingly nice and I can’t believe it has continued into work.

    Good luck at the Jingle Bell 5k!!!

  3. I’m so sorry to hear the ITBS is giving you some trouble again! It really is the worst! I saw you on your way back in, I was still trekking out, so in my mind, you’re a speed demon! Good Luck this weekend, you’ll get that PR.

  4. what a cute shirt! sorry to hear that the ITB && knee were giving you issues. also, even though you didn’t meant your goal for this race, you are getting some serious speed back QUICK. so happy for you! also, cloggy race starts annoy me too! move it or lose it!

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