13 thoughts on “Chipping Away at Wedding Planning

  1. I’ve been dying for a wedding related post!!!!!! I love the hot pink – so pretty! Have you tried https://www.postable.com/ ? I’m using that for addresses and it’s AMAZING! It let’s you export the info, sets it up for printing and all kinds of cool stuff. And it’s free too! It’s really easy for them to fill out and it saves you from typing in hundreds of people’s info. I can’t wait to see that cake once it’s done – I love the multiple flavors. ❤

  2. We went to St. Lucia and it was incredible! I highly recommend it. Anyplace where you can relax and come down from all the activity. Sounds like you’re on track with wedding planning. And getting addresses for the guest list/finalizing the list is always one of the biggest stresses!
    As for registering, what about an Amazon Wish List populated with stuff from Dick’s? Amazon has a widget you can add to your browser so you can add to your Wish List from any website, not just Amazon.

  3. I am definitely going to check out your cake recommendation. I’m planning an October wedding and every time I cross something off my to do list, I feel like five new things show up! Sounds like you’re doing awesome!
    In regards to honeymoons, my fiance are planning to somewhere a little off the beaten path, we’re really leaning toward Morocco.
    For you and your fiance it could be fun to pick a race in a really cool place, like Rio or Paris and go from there? Just an idea.

    Good luck with the rest of your planning! Hooray 2013 weddings!

  4. Spike and I wanted to go somewhere that was “us” and we love museum’s so Paris it was. We spent 7 days getting up at 7 am and not getting home until after 10 pm hitting up every single museum we could possibly fit in a day while we were there. It was such an amazing trip and my dream come true having always wanted to go there. The city is just as romantic as “they” say it is.

    As for registering, have you thought about registering online through Amazon? Amazon lets you register for all kinds of things conventional places won’t like BB&B, Target, Pottery Barn, etc… Good luck!!!

  5. Wow! That is an impressive cake! We have our first cake tasting this weekend. Looks like your wedding is just a week before ours! We registered at Macy’s and Bed Bath and Beyond. Currently we’re looking at Santa Fe for the honeymoon but our plans change every week. Where are you guys having the reception? My dream had always been to have my reception catered by The Olive Garden but apparently that is not feasible 😦

    1. Our reception will be at the Croatian Hall on the Eastside. Mixing it up and making our guests drive to the westside for the ceremony and then eastside for the reception.

  6. Regarding the honeymoon, I never let a chance slip away to recommend ATLANTIS!!! We travel a lot, and that was hands-down the BEST place we’ve ever visited. We are leery of all-inclusive places because we think they can be overpriced and tacky, but Atlantis was none of that. The location is beautiful, the food is incredible, and there is so much cool stuff to do (the most amazing lazy river on earth, swimming with dolphins, playing with sea lions, and a casino among many other things). I cried on the last day like a big baby because I didn’t want to leave. Do yourselves a favor and look into Atlantis!

  7. Pink funfetti cake????????!!!!! OMG, THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!
    Jay and I went to Turks & Caicos on our honeymoon. It was ridiculously beautiful. But there’s not much to do there besides layout, drink, eat, and “you know” – wink wink. 😉

  8. glad to hear wedding planning is going so well, it really is so much fun! we actually ended up registering at target && REI! we got almost everything we wanted from REI which was awesome because a lot of it was camp or hiking gear that got put to use instantly!

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