Jingle Bell Run 5K

This was the first year that this race was being held so instantly I was hesitant to sign up. New races rarely go well. Blocking off streets, getting volunteers, designing shirts, ordering enough shirts, getting food and water for after the race, timing systems/race chips/bibs, course maps and who knows what else goes into planning a race. So many things to look into so it would be easy to overlook other details. Luckily, Alicia from Poise in Parma was in charge of event planning for this event so everything went smoothly.

Race shirts-Actually really soft too!
Race shirts-Actually really soft too!

The weather for this race was pretty awesome for December. A little bit of wind and a misty rain but it was also almost 50 degrees, in December, in Cleveland. I told myself that if it was at least 40 degrees I would wear a running skirt since it would probably be the last time for the year. Hello bare pasty legs.

I did my usual 1.5 mile warm up but did so on the second half of the course. It was in an unfamiliar area so I wanted to see how it was. Slightly hillier (that’s probably not a word) than I wanted for my last 5K but you get that when you head to the east side of Cleveland for races. At least now I was prepared for it and could pace myself better.

I’ve been working really hard at getting my 5K splits more even. First mile had a nice down hill followed by an uphill but I still managed a 6:47 for the first mile. Second mile we were still climbing up the hill but it eventually flattened out. Reached the 1.5 mile turn around and felt pretty good. Tired but ready to tackle the rest of the course. It was a down and back course so I knew exactly what was coming. The last mile has a huge uphill. Not very fun for the end of the race but it gave me a chance to catch some runners on the hill. Before I knew it I was heading into the home stretch and crossed the line with a time of 22:50, top 10 women and 3rd in my age group. Almost immediately after the race Ryan and I (Ryan was 2nd overall) headed out and did the course again and a couple more miles so we could have 10 miles for the day.

Running skirt in December and coffee stain on my shirt.
Running skirt in December and coffee stain on my shirt.

I would have liked to get back into the 21s for the last 5K of the year but with the hills in this race it wasn’t going to happen. Honestly, I’m just happy to be running/racing again and had zero IT band issues for this race.

Age Group Medal
Age Group Medal

Next race up is the Santa Hustle! Very excited for this race, it looks like it is going go be a ton of fun. Also, I get to close out my last race of the year with a half marathon. Let’s just hope for some nice weather!….or the same weather as we’ve had šŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Jingle Bell Run 5K

  1. I have to admit: I was UBER nervous about planning this event. I tried to rack my brain of all the things that happen at races that I’ve seen gone wrong (not enough bottled water, confusing signs, etc.) and just did my best in each situation. It was a honor to have you and Ryan there as participants! Thank you again for coming out. (Don’t forget: your medal turns into a Christmas ornament!)

  2. Well done! Maybe we’ll see you on Sunday, as we’re also running the Santa Hustle. Videos from other cities make it look like a blast! Plus we are Cedar Point nerds, so we’re pumped about that.

  3. Way to go! I love finding more Cleveland-area bloggers šŸ™‚
    I ran this race as well and had a blast. I also see you’re engaged too! We have a lot in common šŸ™‚
    And congrats on your finish!

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