2012 Handmade Ornament Exchange

This year for the Holidays I was invited to an handmade ornament exchange party. Instantly I was excited but really didn’t know what it was. Do you bring ornament pieces and parts and teach everyone how to make an ornament? or Make them at home and come to the party to exchange?

The answer was the latter. Make ornaments at home and meet to exchange. Really cool idea. Kinda like a cookie exchange! (which I am doing for work tomorrow) For this party we had under 12 people so I didn’t have to make tons of ornaments.

I looked on Pinterest and could you believe I couldn’t find any ornaments I wanted to make. There are tons of ideas on there but I couldn’t find one I liked. Finally, I turned to Google to see what I could find. I like themes so I thought something with snowmen or penguins would be cute. Instead, I came up with PINE CONE PEOPLE. Sounds scary in all caps. And then I bolded it 🙂 but they came out really cute.

Hi Cutie!
Hi Cutie!

What’s not pictured is I then took white out and brushed a little on the pine cones to look like snow.

                    IMG_0949            IMG_0950

After a mini photo shoot I packed them away in an old Nike shoe box. When I got to the exchange party, everyone had cute bags and boxes, I’ll make a note of that for next year.

Here is what some of the other ornaments were. Balls were a popular choice (hehe balls)

IMG_0974 IMG_0975 IMG_0977

Most of the other party goers found their ideas on Pinterest. It was really neat to be able to take home a couple different ornaments and also surprised no one made the same ornament.

In case you wanted to make your own PINE CONE PEOPLE, here are the ingredients.

  • Pine cones (Body)-I actually had a hard time finding these because they sell scented ones and I wanted unscented
  • Colored Popsicle Sticks (Skis)-I bought colored ones at the craft store but if you’re not lazy like me you can save money and paint your own.
  • Plain Popsicle Sticks (feet)
  • Toothpicks (ski poles)
  • Wooden Balls (head)-They make heads with faces painted on them but they were too tiny for the pine cones.
  • Paint (hair)- I actually used Sharpie paint and gave mine blonde or brown hair.
  • Sharpie Markers (eyes)
  • White Out (snow on pine cones)- not pictured because I was having a photo shoot in front of the leg lamp.
  • Chenille bendable stems (arms)-
  • Old scrap fabric (hats, scarves and hook for the back to hand on the tree)-I looked everywhere for mini hats and just glued fabric to their heads instead. Kind of looks like babooshka’s but I liked it.
  • Glue Gun-literally glue gunned every piece together.


Next year I am going to keep with the pine cones theme. Thinking snowmen pine cone people, angel pine cone people etc.

Ever been to an ornament exchange? Favorite cookie exchange recipe?

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