Tentative 2013 Race Schedule

Never to early to start planning for 2013 races!!!! Big things are happening in 2013. Going to run painfree. Going to get married! Going to attend LOTS of baby showers (all my friends are pregnant but I love it!) and in October I’ll be joining the 30-34 age group. Official old lady club.

Why do I look so little?
Why do I look so little?

This is my tentative race schedule for 2013. I’ll add in links as they come available. Trying to be really careful with running this year, at least before the Cleveland Marathon. That means I’m missing out on the Towpath Half Marathon and the Hermes 10 miler this year 😦

Still waiting on dates for the Jig & Jog 5K in March, Spring and Fall Classic half marathons (April & November), Shamrock 15K (March?), St. Mark’s 5K early June?, Wellington Cheese 10k (July?) and the Perfect 10 miler (August).

Chili Bowl 5K-2/16/13 *not 100% on this one yet.

St. Malachi 5 Miler-3/16/13

Athens Ohio Half Marathon-4/14/13
St. Angela 5K-Usually the end of April

Ambulance Chase 5K-5/5/13
Cleveland Marathon-5/19/13

Westside Catholic Center-6/1/13
Ohio City Run & Crawl-6/15/13
Most Excellent Race 10K-6/23/13-Also my Bridal shower, my maid of honor is going to kill me for racing this day lol
Bachelorette party is 6/29/13 so no races this weekend.

Bay Days 5 miler-7/4/13
Greyt Race 5K-7/7/13
Escape on the Lake 5K-7/13/13
Winking Lizard Shot in the Dark 4 miler 7/20/13 -Last race before I change my name!!!!
Wedding Day 7/27/13

North Ridgeville Lions 10K-8/11/13

Northcoast Challenge 5 miler-8/31/13
Oktoberfest 5K-9/2/13- Hopefully we’ll have our weiner dog by then!
River Run Half Marathon-9/8/13

Nature’s Bin 5K-10/5/13
Towpath Marathon-10/13/13-tentative
Bench Bar Classic 5K or 5 Mile-10/26/13

Turkey Trot 5 Miler-11/28/13

Reindeer Run 5K-12/7/13
Gal’op 5K-12/?/13

Below is a list of “Fun” races. Maybe something for the non runner to get them out there or to run a race and not worry about time. I am not planning on running these races but just wanted you to know about them

Tackle the Tower Stair Climb-2/2/13-I’ve done this one before, it’s fun.
Rajun Cajun- 2/12/13 (it’s a Tuesday)

Cinco De Mayo Run-5/4/13

Santa Shuffle 1 Mile-12/14/13

I know I’m crazy to be planning 2013 races but what races are you looking forward to in 2013?

8 thoughts on “Tentative 2013 Race Schedule

  1. I’m doing the shamrock 15K through SARC for sure in March so I’m excited for that one. Also, the buckeye half-marathon that I did the relay for this year I’m going to hopefully do this time around! And for sure the santa one you did last weekend if it’s still going to be at CP! I can’t wait til Cle (half)marathon though because it’ll be my first race with my new husband (although I’m not changing my name til after the race because we’re going on our honeymoon late). yay. Hopefully I’ll see you at a couple!

  2. Wow, you are awesome! This is quite a schedule 🙂 I am looking forward to the St. Malachi 5 Miler because I really like the race and the shirts and Cleveland Marathon. I am hoping to do a short race with my oldest daughter so I was thinking the Winking Lizard 2 mile. We’ll need time to train and it will be better if it’s warmer.

  3. Haha, it’s not crazy to plan ahead! Katie and I had discussed our racing plans for 2013 back in October, and I already can’t wait! We want to do both the Hermes Road Race Series and the Dirty Trail Series along with the Cleveland Marathon, so I’ll probably see you (and Ryan, I’m assuming you mostly do the same races) at several of these races.

    1. Hope to meet you guys at a race soon! We will probably do the Road Race series in 2014 after all the crazy wedding stuff. I would say Ryan does 99% of the same races as me. If we aren’t running the race we always come to support each other.

  4. St. Malachi and Shot in the Dark are a must for me as long as I am free that weekend. And I agree with Heather’s above comment, you need a shirt or something for Shot in the Dark…maybe “Racing towards the altar” or something like that.

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