Slow At Noticing Things

I will blame it on being blonde but how did I NOT notice this!

lime green runningDo you see it?

My bib number for the Santa Hustle was 1225. Christmas Day! How cool is that?

IMG_0999[1]I probably didn’t notice because I was so excited there was a 2 on my bib number (2 is my favorite number). I get excited about the silliest things. Luckily, reader Jodi noticed and pointed it out to me. Jodi ran a half marathon every month this year!

Jodi and I after the Santa Husltle
Jodi and I after the Santa Husltle

For those of you who read my blog in Google reader, I added a “Wedding Posts” page on my site. One stop shop for all wedding related items!

I have to confess I cannot stop eating marshmallows. Ever since I gave them up for Lent last year (along with everything else I gave up), I crave them all the time. Plain ones are my favorite but I also like the strawberry and caramel ones when I can find them. Then I started doing this:

marshmallow stash
marshmallow stash

I started putting a mix of marshmallows in a giant zip lock bag. In the current mix, there are pumpkin marshmallows, chocolate mint and mini marshmallows. We had Gingerbread marshmallows but they didn’t last long.

What are you snacking on lately?

2 thoughts on “Slow At Noticing Things

  1. I’m glad I could point it out to you! I didn’t notice it until I read your race recap which is pretty funny since I had that picture on my phone and looked at it several times!! Thanks for the shout out by the way!!

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