It’s Christmas Eve!

Thankfully I have the world’s most amazing fiancé and he lets me blog while we are watching A Christmas Story. He watches A Christmas Story every Christmas Eve.

Christmas eve is always spent with my Mom’s family. It’s crazy and loud and I look forward to it every year.

My sister and I were festive in our red shirts, I’m still trying to convince my family that pink is a Christmas color. I am making up for it and sitting here blogging in my pink thermal Christmas snowflake PJs. (Maybe next year I’ll be brave enough to post a picture of myself in them)

The world’s best sister!
Every one is assigned an item to bring for Christmas eve dinner. I was assigned an appetizer so I made spinach dip and pumpernickel bread. It was my first time making this and it came out perfect. Ryan was in charge of beer and brought a growler of Columbus Cousin Eddie. The beer was so good that it was gone quick so we busted open the liquor and wine.

Just your normal drinking family.
Every year we stuff our selves into Grandma’s living room to exchange presents. All my cousins are growing up so we barely fit in the living room at this point.

Mess of presents and family.
My Uncle and cousins sing and play for Christmas eve mass at St. Paul’s Croatian church but they gave us a mini show before they left.

IMG_1055[1] IMG_1056[1]

The good news is between all the drinking, raunchy/innappropriate conversations, opening presents, singing happy birthday to baby jesus, eating ice cream cake, and more drinking Ryan survived his first Christmas Eve with my crazy but entertaining family.

The future Mr. And Mrs. McCartney
Tomorrow morning is spent at my Mom’s house opening presents and probably eating a ridiculous amount of food. Then heading to visit Ryan’s family.

What are your plans for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

P.S. My sister is singing at Christmas day mass and said doesn’t want to open presents til after mass. Clearly there is something wrong with her.

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