Cleveland Marathon Training Week 1: Off to a good start.

Cleveland Marathon Training Week 1 was off to a very good start!

Here is what week 1 was supposed to look like.

Week 1

Here is what actually happened.

Monday: Nike Training App (NTC) 15 min abs and arms
Tuesday: Morning Workout, 3.05 miles at 9:20 pace. Evening workout, Street Speed Work. 1 mile WU, 6-800’s at 3:20, 3:22, 3:29, 3:33, 3:31, 3:38, 1 mile CD. 9.05 miles for the day.
Wednesday: Spin 35 mins, NTC 15 min arms and abs, volleyball doubleheader. Long Day!
Thursday: Morning Workout, 3.08 miles at 9:47 pace. Evening Workout 4 miles at 8:23 pace.
Friday: Rest Day!
Saturday: 12 glorious miles at 8:18 pace. First couple miles I was flying. It caught up with me in the end and I struggled to hold onto the pace at the end.

Sunday: 6 easy miles with Ryan at 9:07 pace.

Total Mileage: 34.05

Overall not a bad training week especially for the first official week of marathon training. After all my long runs, I now take ice baths. I absolutely HATE being cold but it’s supposed to help with recovery. I’ll do just about anything to keep my IT band healthy. Even if it means sitting in a freezing cold tub for 10-15 mins. Cold just thinking about it.

I’ve also been foam rolling more now that I am not agitating my IT band, when I do it. I can now tell the good hurt you are supposed to feel as well as it being less tight when I am done.

How is your training going? Anyone else do the ice baths?

7 thoughts on “Cleveland Marathon Training Week 1: Off to a good start.

  1. I think once I get training for a full I’ll start doing ice baths. I followed my plan this week but really struggled with my Saturday run with all the hills. Where I live is completely flat and where I was running.. wasn’t. I need some more hill training 🙂

  2. Nice job following your training 🙂 I have ZERO desire to ever, ever, ever put anything into an icebath. So if that’s ever what it requires, I’m out.

  3. That’s an impressive long run! I used to use an ice bath for my feet. One of our cats always liked to drink from it when I was icing. Gross. Lately though I’ve been using an ice pack instead. It’s a lot less intense than the ice bath but it still gets the job done.

  4. Nice SOLID first week of training! NO WAY would I do an ice bath while living in Steamboat, I don’t think I would ever warm up. I could probably just go outside and sit in the snow. haha.

  5. I have been doing ice baths regularly for the past three years for all of my runs fifteen miles and over (or for any run I feel really sore after). I think it helps. Keep with it.

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