Cleveland Marathon Training Week 3: Timeless

I was really lacking a title and so I threw out “timeless”. I wouldn’t say that my training this week was timeless (as in amazing/incredible), I just didn’t really time my runs this week since I did a lot of treadmill running.

Monday: Rest Day!
Tuesday: Speed Work. On the treadmill. 1 mile WU, 7-800’s and 1 mile CD.

I love my treadmill
I love my treadmill

Wednesday: 40 min spinning, NTC 15 min abs and arms and Vball double header
Thursday: 7 mile treadmill run
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 14 mile run. I did 7 on the treadmill because it was dark and super cold outside when I started (6:40am). Finished the last 7 outside. It was cold, snowing, icy and I fell twice. And then I had to go sit at a baby shower for a couple hours. #babypalooza2013

Sunday: 3 mile run, 35 mins cross training.

Total Mileage: 23?

I’m really excited for week 4 training because it will be warm on Tuesday! Hoping to get some speedwork done, on a track, without a million layers on. Sadly, it looks like it will be pretty  cold again just in time for my long run.

I fully admit to being a “soft runner” and taking my runs inside when it is cold. However, I’ve been getting outside A LOT this year. Lately, the only reason I run inside is if it is below 20 degrees or too snowy and icy outside.

What do you do when the weather messes with your training? Anyone take ice baths after being outside in 20 degree weather? Oh just me, I thought so.

8 thoughts on “Cleveland Marathon Training Week 3: Timeless

  1. Aww, that baby shower looks fun 🙂

    I keep running in all degrees, but have been skipping the ice baths! You are hardcore! Enjoy the funny heatwave! It was 45 when I ran over my lunch break!

  2. The only weather that prevents me from running is rain. I think that makes me a big weeny, but I really don’t like drenched clothing and hair. That said, I postpone my run until that evening OR I might double-up the next day. Or I just pretend that it never didn’t happen.

    No ice baths for me.

  3. i know you are a freeze baby but i think with how cold it has been lately in addition to the snow/ice that you aren’t the only one! i usually pride myself in getting out no matter what but i have been confined to the treadmill as of late as well. keep up the good work on your training!

  4. My main weather no-no is wind chill factor. If it’s going down in to single digits with the wind, I’ll skip it and try to stay inside. Otherwise, sun, rain, snow don’t bother me too much. 🙂

  5. we recently got a treadmill! this 3+ feet of snow at a time is no joke. also, i have NO problem ditching a cold weather run for the treadmill. if its too cold my body just doesn’t warm up well. which swings the door wide open for injury… PASS!

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