Cleveland Marathon Training Week 4: Shorts on Tuesday, Snow on Saturday

I could not believe some of the weather we had this week. When I saw 60s for the weather, I thought “yeah right”. However, Tuesday night it was 60! Even I, the freeze baby, busted out shorts and a tank top for speedwork. It even poured rain on Tuesday night and I still sported my shorts and tank top. However, early Friday morning we got inches of snow in just a couple hours. Then it continued to snow all day Saturday. It’s a real winter in Cleveland this year.

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: 3 miles in the morning and Speedwork after work, 1 mile warm up 7-800s at 3:11, 3:16, 3:15,3:18, 3:20, 3:17, 3:23 1/2 mile cooldown
Wednesday: 40 min spinning, NTC 15 min abs and arms and Vball double header
Thursday: 40 minute tempo treadmill run, 5 miles total
Friday: Rest Day/Snow Day/Massage Day

This picture doesn't do it justice but that's about 6 inches of snow
This picture doesn’t do it justice but that’s about 6 inches of snow

Saturday: 10 miles in the freezing cold and snow, 4 miles on the treadmill. 14 miles total.

Not enough layers :(
Not enough layers 😦

Sunday: 30 mins of P90X pylometrics and 1 hour class at Pure Barre

From Pure Barre's Facebook page
From Pure Barre’s Facebook page

Pure Barre may be my new obsession. I absolutely loved the first class. After the first 5 minutes, my legs were already shaking. I cannot wait to take many classes there.

Total Mileage:  28 miles

It’s still hard to get use to these low mileage weeks. I have to admit, I love running more, now that I am limited to how much I can run. Every run is a treat to me, since I can only do it a few days a week.

Speedwork this week shocked me a bit. I was not expecting to run those times. Extremely happy with them though. I was only aiming to run around 3:30 for each one. I admit I was completely exhausted after that workout though. Yet again I barely had energy to cooldown and had to talk myself into doing all 7. I think I wanted to puke after the 5th, 6th and 7th ones. Note to self: chips & salsa & marshmallows are not good pre-run foods.

Long run this week I was glad I attempted to do outside. Believe it or not I actually under dressed. I only wore 1 pair of pants (the warmest tights I own) and 2 tops. Up top I stayed warm, however my legs were freezing. I went out for 5 miles and then turned around and came back so I completed 10 outside. I should have came back earlier because my skin turned a scary shade of purple that probably wasn’t good. Also, running outside was extremely challenging with the snow on the ground and street. My mile times ranged from 8:15-10:15 on that run but managed to hold a 9 min pace overall.

Lucky for us runners, it’s supposed to warm up this weekend. A low of 30 on Saturday sounds like a dream come true. Rain is also expected so hopefully it melts the snow.

In case you missed it, Active.com has a discount code for the Cleveland Marathon. $5 off the half and  $10 off full. Use the code ACTMAR13 for the full and ACTHM13 for the half before February 13.

6 thoughts on “Cleveland Marathon Training Week 4: Shorts on Tuesday, Snow on Saturday

  1. You killed the speedwork! Nice! LOL @ the foods NOT to eat before. I have a list I am always adding to, as well. I had a piece of soft licorice before my speedwork on Friday… bad idea. 😉

    I have to wear shorts over my tights to keep my upper legs warm when it gets so cold. Lame-o, to have ONE more thing to wash! 😉

  2. Nice week of training! I love Pure Barre as well! I am actually in the picture you posted! It is from the 5:45 PM Friday class! Maybe I will see you there sometime!!

  3. Ohhh I just checked the weather for this weekend! I’m kind of glad I won’t have to run in the snow for anymore races. Looking forward to hopefully being able to run again this weekend!
    You had a great week! Look at those speeds! I’m really looking forward to when I move because I’ll live 2 minutes from a track!

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