Cleveland Marathon Training Week 5: No long run?

Monday: 1 hour Pure Barre Class
Tuesday:  Speedwork on TM, 1 mile warm up 8-800s  1 mile cooldown. I was surprised how easy 8-800s felt after struggling to get 7 in last week!
Wednesday: 45 min spinning, Pure Barre Class and Vball game
Thursday: 4 mile minute tempo run, Pure Barre Class
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 10 miles on TM
Sunday: 6 miles with friends and 2 with Ryan when we got home.

Total Mileage: 26

Kind of an interesting week of training this week. I went to 3 pure barre classes which is awesome strength training.

From Pure Barre Westlake's Facebook Page
From Pure Barre Westlake’s Facebook Page

I stepped back on all my training runs this week. MY IT band started to bother me on Wednesday. On Thursday instead of my planned 8 miler, I went out for a 4 mile tempo run instead. Saturday, there was tons of ice on the ground, hard to walk let alone run. I headed to the treadmill instead but only made it to 10 miles before my IT band started acting up. Instead of pushing myself and making it worse, I stopped stretched and called it a day. Yes I needed to get 15 miles in but not if I’m going to get injured doing it.

It’s a little weird deviating from my training plan and not being able to get a run in. At at the same time, taking a few days off or going easy is always a better choice than pushing yourself to injury.

95 days til the Cleveland Marathon! Seems like a lot of days away but it will go by fast.

Do you ever take an unexpected step back from training?

4 thoughts on “Cleveland Marathon Training Week 5: No long run?

  1. I have not been able to log the Running Miles I need – but I still have 90 days – Hoping to get back at a Longish Run this weekend… Gotta make sure Healthy first…

  2. I did last week! I only got one of my runs in because my groin muscles and IT band were hurting pretty bad. I ended up playing my soccer game on Saturday though, so that was good. Didn’t really want to push it and be out longer than I want.

  3. I feel your pain. I had a couple of weeks with IT band issues that lingered and didn’t seem to want to go away… frustrating. Lots of rolling and stretching and in the end, it was doing strides that turned the corner. Weird I thought but for some reason, it helped release whatever was knotted up.

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