This Year For Lent I’m Giving Up…



All fast food restaurants, including chipotle, subway and pizza places. Also giving up specialty coffees. I love a good chai or mocha post long run but I’m stick to plain coffee for the rest of Lent.

I always give up something food related for Lent because it is something that I enjoy. I would give up TV, Internet or shopping but with work I need TV and Internet. If I could give up work for Lent, that would be awesome! I’m planning a wedding and have baby showers to attend so I can’t cut out shopping. Plus I really don’t shop that much and get maybe an hour of TV time in a day anyways.

I know people make the argument that you shouldn’t give up something for Lent to help your diet but I disagree. I think you should give up something that you enjoy. Something that makes your life a little more difficult, to keep reminding you why you gave it up. I enjoy fast food or chipotle after a long run because it’s delicious and easy to grab. But I’m cutting it out and making a sacrifice to not have it for the next 40 (or so days).

Sidenote: I’ve only had fast food once this entire year and it was Chipotle.

This is a little better than last year when I gave up everything. Now I have an unhealthy obsession with marshmallows. Ever since last year, I can’t stop eating them.

LentWhat are you giving up for Lent? Since I gave up fast food (okay, it’s been only a couple hours) I can’t stop craving McDonald’s Hashbrowns.

16 thoughts on “This Year For Lent I’m Giving Up…

  1. I’m giving up sweets and cutting back to one drink whenever I go out. I agree with your attitude on giving things up: if it’s something you like and/or will notice is missing, you’re doing it right, even if there is also a side benefit for you.

  2. I gave up fast food three years ago after I realized how disgusting going to Taco Bell was at least twice a week (obviously a staple in the college diet) Outside of Subway, I haven’t looked back. It was the best and healthiest decision I’ve made! Good luck!

  3. Coffee. I am hoping after Easter I will no longer need 4 cups in the morning and will not get bad headaches if I do not have coffee in the mornings. The priest said at Mass this morning that it’s not about what you give up, but why you are doing it and how you do it. Also, it is hypocritical to judge what people do (or don’t do) for Lent.

  4. You only want what you can’t have 🙂

    Not giving anything up for Lent. I stopped doing it awhile ago because I suck at it. I have no self control in life 😦 But I have not eaten fast food in something like 6 months?

    1. Easily! When Ryan goes now I never get anything. He picks up Dolce Wrap for himself. It’s kinda weird but we rarely eat dinner together or eat the same things but we prefer it that way.
      I can still have plain coffee though but I rarely get coffee at einsteins

  5. I’m giving up sweets and junk food. I totally agree with you though, it’s not about the diet it’s about what you’re actually sacrificing. I realize how much I eat desserts when people bring them into work and how much I snack on junk food, and cutting that out is a pretty big sacrifice.
    I actually gave up fast food last year. Completely worth it. I hardly eat fast food anymore! Good luck 🙂
    Can’t wait to meet you in a few days!

  6. I’m loving these challenges too, thanks for the comment over at my blog too! McD’s hashbrowns are my favorite there. So far this year I haven’t had fast food except once (McD’s breakfast!). Good luck and thanks for the Vegetarian feedback, I’ll have to keep an eye on the whole iron thing…

  7. Go you! Fast food and I are having some problems lately. How is it possible that there’s a McDonald’s in the quarter-mile from where I work to the highway…and it’s on the correct side on the road too. Yikes.

    Sounds like you’re a pro at resisting though!

  8. Gonna give up fast food too!!! I eat generally healthy anyways so mine isnt about the diet part. It is more about the saving money part. I spend way to much on going out to eat for lunch at work! Good luck!

  9. Love Chipotle too! But don’t have it enough that I’d notice if I skipped it for Lent. I admit, I still haven’t decided but leaning to chocolate chip bagels from Panera’s… that yes I’d miss.

  10. I gave up sweets again this year for lent. I decided it would be helpful as I started half marathon training this week and am trying to eat as clean as possible during the next 12 weeks.
    Whoever thought to have Lent start right before valentines day is just mean. Aaron bought me a HUGE bag of Twizzlers for vday and I can’t touch them until Easter. (Although he didn’t know I gave up sweets until after the fact.) good luck with your Lenten fast!

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