Chili Bowl 5K Recap

I don’t know how Hermes Cleveland does it but no matter how big or small a race is they always do an amazing job. I’m always so proud that we have such a great running company in Cleveland.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous for the race Saturday. First race of 2013. First race of off and on IT band problems. First race after some awesome speedwork. I really had no idea what to expect.


I had hoped for some warmer temps but got about 19 degrees. At least there was no snow. I still did a good job of not overdressing. Trust me, I wanted many many layers on but I resisted…but I still had hand warmers in my gloves (which I gave to Uncle H’s kids after the race.)

So you know how I always start out too fast. Well I tried really really hard not to. My first mile was a 6:35. I’m perfectly ok and happy with that. The next mile is tough though. You go uphill, then hit the turn around. head downhill then up and around the Browns Stadium. It’s a rough little patch but I still hit a sub 7 mile. Magical.

That’s me in the back.

Once you get up the Browns Stadium hill it is all flat from there. I admit the whole race I felt pretty good. I never really pushed myself and I’m ok with that. Usually I am huffing, puffing and tired but I felt pretty good the whole race. It wasn’t til the end of the race where I finally started calculating what my finishing time would be. I had a feeling I would be close to 21-22 mins.

I crossed the line in 21:52, a 7:03 pace. Ended up 5th in my age group. No matter how fast I run I never place at the Chili Bowl. There is some good competition at this race but still 12th female overall.

When I crossed the finish line I felt like these guys. LOVE this pic. (That’s my man in the middle). They all finished around each other and were trying to catch their breath.


But really after the race, I took maybe 3 mins to catch my breath and then headed out to start my long run. Sucked because I didn’t get to see and talk to all of my runner friends.

Anyone race this weekend? What do you wear to keep warm on cold race days?

8 thoughts on “Chili Bowl 5K Recap

  1. Nice job pushing yourself just enough 🙂 Good idea coming back to running. I’ve been waiting for a race recap, I wasn’t sure when your first would be 🙂 Glad you’ve been feeling better and your IT band hasn’t been acting up like before.

  2. Your training and race recaps are always inspiring because of what you went through to get back to this point. You keep me reminded of the possibilities. There’s no doubt that if you keep training smart you’ll continue to build on your success. Keep it up.

  3. Great job at the Chili Bowl! That’s a fantastic time.

    When I run in the cold, I start off with a layer of a long sleeve t-shirt that’s half tech material and half cotton. My brother in law gave me a bunch of them from his former employer and they’re perfect for keeping me warm while running. I then put a tech t-shirt on over that. My last layer is a Nike running jacket that my stepmom gave me for Christmas. It’s super warm yet not heavy at all. It also has thumbholes, I thought these were just a big gimmick at first, but after using them a few times I see why people rave about them. I also like this jacket a lot because it zips up the front and I can easily zip and unzip it depending on how hot\cold I get. Last night, I threw on a very light neon green jacket while running so that I wouldn’t get hit and because it was especially cold out. For a hat, I wear a hat that my wife gave me with headphones built into it. Super warm but also very light. As far as pants go, I have a variety of athletic pants that I rotate depending on the temperatures. When it’s super cold or windy, I’ll roll with the double layered ones. I also wear a pair of very cheap gloves that I got from the dollar store. I have a pair of running gloves but the Cleveland wind cuts right through them.

  4. Great job! You’re so speedy!!
    I stay warm by running inside in the winter- kudos to you for A. running outside and b. not dressing like an eskimo. I overdressed for the pigskin classic and deeply regretted it halfway through!

  5. I totally saw you coming back down the hill and wanted to be like HEY YOU! but you looked in the zone so I didn’t 🙂
    Great first race though! 5th in your age group is nothing to be upset over. You rocked it!
    I wear an under armour top and tights with my light running hoodie over top generally. Then I get too warm and regret the hoodie. But generally it keeps my core warm.

  6. Great Job! 12th female is very impressive! For cold weather I think the most important thing is to get in a good warmup. Wear tons of layers and don’t be afraid to throw in some hard running to really get your legs warm. For the race itself I think you’d be surprised how little you need if you’ve warmed up properly. Generally, if it’s above 40 I’ll wear just a jersey and shorts. Below that I might throw on an Under Armour longsleeve (turf gear, not cold gear). For Chili Bowl I also had a hat and gloves on as well, but that’s probably the most I would ever wear for a race. Really the key is what you do before the race, not what you wear during the race.

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