Cleveland Marathon Training Week 6: Creeping my way back

Last week I limited my workouts and mileage but still got in some good training. It never hurts to back off if you are close to an injury. My IT band feels a lot better lately so I am slowly creeping back into my training plan.

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: Speedwork, 1 mile warmup, 4-800’s at 3:11, 3:13, 3:11 and  3:10. a little over a mile cooldown.
Wednesday: 45 minute spin, NTC 15 min abs and arms.
Thursday: 3 miles.
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: 1.5 mile warm up, chili bowl 5K (21:52) and then 11.4 mile cooldown. 16 total. Then I celebrated with half of this chocolate ganache cake. Don’t worry its a tiny cake.

My favorite chocolate ganache cake from Giant Eagle
My favorite chocolate ganache cake from Giant Eagle

Sunday: 90 minutes of hot yoga. Followed by finishing the rest of that chocolate cake 🙂

Total Mileage: 24

I decided to  give my leg a break and only do 4 800s instead of the 8 I was supposed to do. No need to push the IT band when it was already cranky. I’m not sure if the 800s were so fast because I only had to do 4 or if my legs have a mind of their own. I’m curious if all 8 would be that fast or if I would have eventually slowed down.

Saturday long run I completed by zig zagging through downtown Cleveland. It was a nice change of scenery since most of my long runs have been in the same area. Sunday I went to my first ever hot yoga class. To say I am sore today is an understatement. WOW. Of course I love to get beaten up by a good class so I can’t wait to go back.

Also, almost immediately after my long run, I typed in my 5K time to see what the McMillian Calculator would predict my future times in. I don’t know why that is so fun.

Next race: Probably the Snowball Run 5K. Still deciding though.

2 thoughts on “Cleveland Marathon Training Week 6: Creeping my way back

  1. Nice week! Glad the IT band is feeling better. The school district I work for is sponsoring the Snoball run on Saturday. If it helps with your decision, there will be pancakes after the race! HA!! I need to show up and support our athletic department and help in my high school kitchen with the pancakes! 🙂

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