Not Stressed Yet: A Wedding Update

Right now, I am really glad I started all of the wedding planning early. If not, I would be super stressed and overwhelmed. My plan all along was to get as much done as early as I could so that I wouldn’t be stressed closer to the wedding. The wedding is still 157 days away, yes we are still counting but it’s flying by now. Not to mention I am super busy. All my time not spent at work or running is now spent wedding planning. Every evening and weekend is consume with wedding planning but I love it!

todos80 to-dos to go according to my checklist on the knot. Some of those are easy things like, get your nails done before the wedding, check that bridesmaids ordered dresses, get fitted for your dress etc. Not included is register and go to pre-cana 😦 or help your Mom pick out a mother of the bride dress 🙂 But we tackled that last weekend. Also, my Mom hates shopping, especially the mall.

I need this chair!
I need this chair!

My Mom knew exactly what she wanted in a dress. Short in length, had to have sleeves (even if sheer) and preferred the color purple. She had scoped out some dresses online and hoped they had it in store. When we got to the store, they had her dress in stock but she entertained me and tried on multiple other dresses even though she knew she had already found the one. I can’t believe we found her a dress after going to just 1 store and in less than an hour!

My Mom also made a special trip out to my house to help me with invitations. To save money I decided to do them myself. To save paper I put multiple invitations on one page, and same with rsvps, directions, etc. However, I am somehow challenged and cannot cut paper. I have this giant fancy paper cutter and somehow can’t cut in a line. Thankfully, Mom is super crafty and came to my rescue.

Hard at work
Hard at work

We finalized our wedding favors, we had changed our minds a couple times but I’m happy with what we ended up with. It will be a DIY project so I’ll share it with you closer or after the wedding. But you may have already saw this sneak peak but we added a few things to it after this picture was taken.

Love seeing our names together like this.
Love seeing our names together like this.

Then I realized we already had all of our rehearsal dinner information so I went ahead and created the invitations for that late last night. My plan is to save on stamps and send them out with the invitations. It’s always nice to get stuff done in advance to I don’t have to worry about it later on. Other ways to save on rehearsal dinner invites is to send an evite, facebook invite, or mass mail. I’ve seen it all.

It looks better without all the top secret information blocked out.
It looks better without all the top secret information blocked out. And also if I could crop a picture without cutting it off.

Next week I meet with the florist, Vesna, so that will be one more thing to cross off my list and stop having nightmares about. My dress is not in yet but I’ll wait til March to stress out about that. (It was supposed to be in late January/early February.) I’ve been working on centerpieces for awhile now but I’m very very close to being done. Expected to be done by this weekend. Took a little longer than expected but worth it. It is so far my only Pinterest inspired wedding item, which is shocking.

Next couple things I need to tackle include actually booking the honeymoon. I think we finally figured it out (going to 2 places now). Need to finalize my flower girl dress. Need to assemble the invitations as well as address them all. Need to figure out gifts for the wedding party and parents.

What are some of your favorite wedding party gifts?



7 thoughts on “Not Stressed Yet: A Wedding Update

  1. Congrats on not being stressed and getting things done early! When Scott and I got married, we gave each member of the wedding party a different piece of tiled artwork of Key West’s Hemingway House where the ceremony was held. I’m also a big fan of practical gifts, though, like jewelry or an accessory for the wedding.

  2. I’ve seen all kinds of fun/crazy wedding gifts, the craziest being different swords for the groomsmen! Flasks are pretty standard, Nick got a real Louisville slugger for one wedding…

    You are so on top of the wedding planning!!

  3. Wedding party gifts are one of the hardest decisions in my opinion! You asked them to be a part of one of the biggest days of your life and coming up with a gift to thank them for that is so hard. Do you have any ideas yet??

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