Snoball Run 5K Recap

I have to admit, I was pretty bummed after this race. It’s a flat course so I expected to run faster than last weeks hilly course. I by no means ran a bad time but it still bummed me out but it was my own fault. Here is what happened.

Did my usual 1.5 mile warm up with Ryan. Legs felt a little heavy but I’ve run some of my best races when I’ve felt that way. This was the first year for this race and I was shocked at how many people showed up. Over 550 people for this race.


The race started out and I went out WAY too fast. I felt good and wasn’t really paying attention but I noticed I was right by my cousin-in-law, MaryPat, who normally runs in the 19s and knew I was going too fast. Looked down at my watch and saw the a sub 6 min mile pace. By the time I noticed that though I was already at the half mile mark. I slowed way down but it was too late by that time. I had already wasted too much energy. My first mile was a 6:49.

After that, the rest of the race was pretty much hold on and finish. I was really holding on though. Holding a 7:30 pace the rest of the race was a real struggle for me. I felt like it was the longest 5K I had ever raced. In reality, I was just struggling from going out too fast. Second mile was 7:34. Somewhere around here my college troublemaking partner in crime, SuperEli passed me. I wanted to shout profanities at her, instead I shouted good job. I’m such a good BFF Smile

The last mile I kept telling myself “every step you take is a step closer to the finish line” so I kept pushing myself but it was not easy. For the last straightaway, I had very little sprint left. I ended up finishing with a time of 22:04, 2nd in my age group. UGH! 12 seconds off last weeks time! I was really bummed. It wasn’t until I woke up this morning and I was like “hey at least you can run and race again. There was a time where your IT band prevented you from doing so.” I really need to remember that.


I think the fact that I thought I ran a bad race lead to me running a bad long run afterwards. I needed to get 14 miles in for the day so after the 1.5 mile warm up, the 5K race then the “cool down” with friends 3.10, I still had to head out for another 6.5 miles. I went and did it but it was one of the most mentally challenging long runs of the year. But I can only go up from here.

IMG_1292[1] IMG_1300[1]

Some of the best things in the race packet were a scoop of free ice cream from Mitchell’s, chap stick and even fancy Christmas themed duct tape. Ryan gave up ice cream for lent and now I feel like I can’t eat ice cream either and it’s killing me!!!

What’s your favorite Race packet item? I feel like a lot of races don’t have actual race packets anymore. My favorite is chap stick. I get so many free ones that I don’t have to buy them anymore.

7 thoughts on “Snoball Run 5K Recap

  1. I got there too late and didn’t get a goodie bag. My favorite giveaway item, theoretically, are the vouchers for Cavs tickets that are given out at the Turkey Trot and other races. I use the term “theoretically” because I learned the hard way that one should redeem the voucher right away or else they’ll run out.

    The flat nature of the race didn’t really dawn on me until today. I don’t think that I ever ran a race before that was so flat (granted, I have only run 4 races in my life before yesterday). I started out way too fast too (I think I was too excited for my first race of 2013) and had a ton of trouble slogging through mile 2, which seemed like it went on forever.

  2. It was great to see you on Saturday! Every time we head out for a run/race we learn more about ourselves! Good job holidng on and finishing it! Congrats on that second place!!

  3. I’ve been following you Cleveland Marathon blog but never have replied before. 🙂 I was at this race and got 2nd in my age group too (one of the old ladies there). I was very shocked at the massive turnout for the race! I love any food samples that we get in goody bags, but it doesn’t seem like there is too much substance in any race packet anymore.

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