Cleveland Marathon Training Week 7: The Dreaded Crappy Long Run

We all have one in our training plan and some of us have lots but I finally had a crappy long run that was mostly me to blame. No rain, wind, snow or ice. Just me and a bad attitude and probably a little tired. For a day or two I had some doubt about my long runs.

“OMG, what if my next long run is bad too”
“My next long run is 17 miles, I can’t do that”
“I barely ran 14 miles at a horrible pace, next weeks pace will be worse”
“You are the worst runner ever!”
“You call yourself a marathoner”

Who knows, my next long run might be crappy again and that’s OKAY! Not every run is going to be sprinkled with love by the running gods. It’s those long crappy runs that help you to build character and mentally be able to push through at the end of the race.

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: Speedwork, 1 mile WU, 6-800s on the treadmill, 1 mile CD
Wednesday: 45 mins spinning, 15 min abs and arms.
Thursday: 3 mile run in the morning, 4 miles after work and Pure Barre class
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 1.5 mile warm up, 5K race, 9.4 miles after. 14 total
Sunday: 90 mins of hot yoga at Prana Bodhi

Total Mileage: 27 miles

I saw this Sunday night on Pinterest and wanted to share it with everyone. It’s supposed to be for yoga but I think it can easily be applied anywhere.

InhaleExhaleHow is your training going?

7 thoughts on “Cleveland Marathon Training Week 7: The Dreaded Crappy Long Run

    1. Good question! It breaks up the long run. I believe that a long run is a long run whether you run 20 miles at once or break it up throughout the day. It’s a little harder to do a long run after a race but nice to get it over with. By the time you do a warm up and the race you usually already have over 4 miles. It works better when you have a long race like a 10 miler or half marathon and add to it to make it a long run.

  1. i love the little pinterest inspiration you shared 😉 and enjoy reading about your training adventures. i think its just starting to kick in that i am registered for the 1/2!!

  2. If this were Burger King and I “could have it my way”… every long run would be covered in BEST LONG RUN EVER SPRINKLES.

    Unfortunately I haven’t had a good long run for over a month. Anything over 12 lately and my brain is like..” OH, NO GIRL, NO!” I don’t really get it. I know my long runs are on a treadmill, but this time last year I had no problem pulling off at least some good runs.

    Congrats on another great week of training!

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