Cleveland Marathon Training Week 8: Ready for Spring

Wow, I must have been really busy because the past week FLEW by. I cannot believe how fast this training schedule is going. Luckily, I had a much much much better long run this week than last week. It was tiring, tough and snowed the whole time but I got it done. I think I’ve finally had enough with the cold and snow. I’m officially ready for spring. I’m hoping that was my last speed work session on the treadmill.

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: Treadmill Speed work, 6-800s. 1 mile WU and 1 mile CD
Wednesday: 45 mins spinning, 30 mins strength training
Thursday: 3 miles in the am, 4 miles in the pm
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: 17 miles. My pace was all over, I blame the snow.

I thought we were done with this
I thought we were done with this

Sunday: 30 minutes strength training and 1 hour spinning at Pscyle

Total Mileage: 30

This week (week 9) is crazy busy, I have a beer dinner, surprise party, dinner with friends, group run, brunch with group runners, lunch with family, baking with mom, wedding planning of course and who knows what else. I have to make many adjustments on my training this week but I will still get it done. Starting with moving speedwork to tomorrow. Also, this weekend is my first 20 miler of this training plan and I am so excited. I don’t know why but I love the challenge of a 20 mile run.

How do you adjust when life gets crazy? Are you ready for spring or want 1 last snow storm?

3 thoughts on “Cleveland Marathon Training Week 8: Ready for Spring

  1. Looking forward to the group run this weekend! I am so ready for spring. Did you check out the temps next week? in the 40s! Wooohooo!
    Maybe it is coming 🙂

    I think I’ve been ready since January 1.

    I’m just now learning to adjust my workouts when life gets hectic. I used to view working out as optional and now I view it as something that has to get done so if not today- when?

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