Good news for Cleveland Marathon Runners

Two words that will make attendees of the Cleveland Marathon Expo happy:

Ralph Staph and the rest of the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon staff have worked very hard on accommodating the runners this year. Last year, many runners were upset about having to pay for parking to go to the expo to pick up their packet. I very happy to see that the Cleveland Marathon saw this problem and were able to solve it.

There will also be shuttles available from Downtown Cleveland (Hyatt) to the expo (at the IX Center). Shuttles will be available in front of the Hyatt (420 E. Superior) on Friday May 17th from 1:45pm-7pm, with pick ups/drop offs every 30 mins and on Saturday May 18th from 9:45am-6pm with pick ups/drop offs every 15 mins.

I’m very excited for the expo and cannot wait to go shopping!!!!

Favorite thing to buy at expos? New running shirts, headbands and gu.

2 thoughts on “Good news for Cleveland Marathon Runners

  1. I always buy Nuun, even if I’m not running low. I’m not sure why but it’s impossible to leave an expo without it. And the free water bottle you get when you buy two tubes of Nuun. My boyfriend is confused by the ever-growing collection of water bottles I have 🙂

    I get excited over race-branded items. Some expos I’ve been to have crap, but quite a few have caused me to empty my wallet (Marine Corps). Even for Philly Marathon, I came home with a shirt, pint glass, and magnet. And I had a horrible race, so now I have lots of things to remind me of that haha.

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