Cleveland Marathon Training Week 9: Busy Busy Busy

Last week was just plain crazy. With the time change on Sunday, I’ve been tired and out of it ever since. Luckily, this week is a lot less crazy…at least M-F it is 🙂

I knew I had a busy week coming but I always leave room to switch around my workouts. That really paid off last week. I had to move speedwork to Wednesday and got very little cross training in.

Monday: Nike Training Club App 15 min abs and arms
Tuesday: 3 Miles in the morning, 4 miles after work
Wednesday: Speedwork, 1 mile WU, 1-800 at 3:05, 4-400s around 1:29 or less. 1 mile CD
Thursday: 3 miles in the morning, 30 min walk after work
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 20 miles, 2:52, 8:36 pace

SO happy!
SO happy!

Sunday: 6 mile group run. Went for a group run with some local Clevelanders to preview the St. Malachi 5 mile course and for some of us to meet for the first time. Also headed to brunch at Latitude 41N after, it was pretty awesome….the run and the food 🙂

Some awesome Cleveland runners!
Some awesome Cleveland runners!

Total Mileage: 40 miles!!!

This was kind of an accidental high mileage week for me but then again running 20 miles in one day always makes the weekly mileage go way up. I must admit I messed up royally on my speed work this week. My plan was to run 6-800s. However, I ran the first one WAY TOO fast. After that my body and lungs were done. I tried to run a second 800 and I had to stop after 1 lap. I kept trying but ended up running a bunch of 400s instead. Lesson Learned: Don’t go out to fast! I missed out on a good quality speed workout.

half of each, yes please!
half of each, yes please!

Even though my speed work didn’t go as planned, I still salvaged the week with a killer long run. I took some of my own advice for the long run and ate breakfast…ok or a clif bar but that’s better than marshmallows. I also downloaded the new Luke Bryan CD to listen to on the run, hubba hubba and set a couple goals for myself. Run at least a minute slower than goal pace, finish in around 3 hours and do the first 14 miles in under 2 hours. All goals were NOT met. I finished in well under 3 hours and ran the first 14 in under 2 hours but my pace was way faster than it should have been. To be honest, I was just running and not paying attention to pace.

I’m a little ahead with doing a 20 miler already but I was already at 14 mile long runs when I started my training. What has been your longest run this training season? Anyone else go out too fast and ruin a speed workout?

67 days to go!!!

4 thoughts on “Cleveland Marathon Training Week 9: Busy Busy Busy

  1. Had so much fun on Sunday! We’ll totally have to do it again. Nice 20-miler! And that pace! You’re going to absolutely rock the marathon!

  2. nice week of training! also, holllllla at that awesome 20 miler! i love shot blocks too! have you tried the margarita ones? they are easily my favorite! they also contain salt – helps with cramping & helps you absorb water! also, they taste great!

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