A Week Ago Today

Or at least I think it was a week ago. I was eating my weight in chocolate at See’s Candies at Beachwood Mall.

Located on the 2nd level by the food court
Located on the 2nd level by the food court

Ok I think I only had 4-5 pieces but who can turn down free samples of chocolate!

Sample No. 1 Bordeaux
Sample #2 California Brittle
Sample #2 California Brittle


I had a chance to sample some of their top selling chocolates the Bordeaux, California Brittle and the Scotchmallow (not pictured).


I also sampled the Cafe Hazelnut and OMG was it amazing! I made the mistake of taking Ryan with me to this event, he gave up nuts and ice cream for Lent (his 2 favorite snacks) so it was torture for him (sorry). Which I felt bad about at first but now I have a good reason to go back. I can grab Cafe Hazelnut chocolates for myself and anything with nuts for him 🙂

Old School See's Candies cars...and that Hottie!
Old School See’s Candies cars…and that Hottie!

At See’s you can make a custom box of your own chocolates or you can grab a pre-made box that they have in stock. They have TONS of different chocolates in store. Below is just a few pictures. The case is soooo long I couldn’t even fit all the chocolates in one picture. So just imagine the picture times 4. P.S. they also have lollipops!

   IMG_1333[1] IMG_1332[1]

Before I ate too much chocolate, got fat and had to be rolled out of the store they let us give a try at filling our own candy box. It was not easy. Let’s just say I’m better at eating chocolate.


This was my first time at See’s Candies but I will be back. Actually, that was the first time I had ever had their candy. Anyone out there a fan of See’s Candies? Anyone remember the I Love Lucy episode of it?

4 thoughts on “A Week Ago Today

  1. I was so sad I had to miss it, so my sister and I went there on the weekend! Fun story: my mom worked at Faroh’s Candies for most of my childhood so I’m a HUGE fan of old school candy/chocolate stores. It reminded me of Faroh’s so much and made me miss when my mom worked there!!

  2. I was super sad to miss this. I had to work – I would have much rather played with chocolates!!! Glad to hear it was fun 🙂 I haven’t had a chance to get to the store yet.

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