St. Malachi 5 Miler

This is my favorite new race shirt. Seriously super comfy.
This is my favorite new race shirt. Seriously super comfy.

Woke up to a very wet snow and more on the ground than I would have liked to see. I kinda thought they were kidding, when I saw the weatherman saying we would get more snow. Although, by the time I drove down to the race the snow had turned into slush and rain. Not ideal conditions for the St.Malachi race. Just like in this flashback photo of me running Malachi in 2008! (it rained..a lot).

Me. Malachi. 2008
Me. Malachi. 2008


Normally, I would complain about it but it really wouldn’t have made a difference. 1.) I was already registered for the race. 2.) If I wasn’t registered I would have registered the day of and ran anyways. 3.) I had a long run to get in (13 miles) so I probably would have been out in it no matter what. So before my warm up I went to say hi to some runners and then got in a 1.5 mile warm up.

The future McCartney's with the future Humble's
The future McCartney’s with the future Humble’s

Every year this race just keeps getting bigger, which is surprising because it is not an easy race. It’s definitely the hilliest 5 miler I race all year. I had 2 goals for this race, 1.) don’t go out too fast and 2.) run somewhere in the 35 min range. Believe it or not I hit both goals. Came a little close to that second goal though!

Starting line. Photo from Hermes Cleveland Facebook page
Starting line. Photo from Hermes Cleveland Facebook page

My first mile is usually in the 6s but I wanted to get it closer to the 7 so that I didn’t die later in the race. Well the road was so slick going over the bridge I was forced to slow down. I think I was just afraid of falling or messing up my IT band but I felt like I was sliding a lot. I kept looking around like “Am I the only one who can’t get a grip on the ground”. But all of that gave me a 7:12 first mile.

Most of the 2nd mile is downhill but I held a pretty steady pace of 7:11 and also avoid most puddles that had developed. Ryan just passed me and gave a “hey babe” so cute. (He was the 26th? male finisher. Baller) However, shortly after this I headed toward Burke Lakefront and sloshed through a ridiculous amount of puddles. I was pretty much soaked up to my shins from the puddles. But I was halfway done, and then I saw Beal, Steph and Jay on my way back, seeing all of them giving me waves cheered me up. Coming up the hill from the Browns Stadium seemed extra long for some reason. It was very tempting to walk but I didn’t, I did my best to keep moving forward and still held a 7:30 pace.

By the time I reached mile 4 I was doing the math in my head to see what I needed to run in order to still run in the 35s. I’m obviously not very good at math because in my head I had figured out it would be closer to a 37 min 5 miler. I did my best to get up and over the last hill and gave a thumbs up (and maybe even a smile) to Matty O as he cheered me on. I came to the top of the hill and charged my way to the finish line. They were snapping pictures as you finished. Clearly I didn’t see the camera and am being covered by my friend Pam.

Photobombing during a race.
That’s not me in the green. I am that little bit of pink behind the green.

Official Finish time 35:58, a 7:12 pace, 14th in my age group (out of 233). Then of course I entered my time into McMillan running calculator to see what it predicts my future times in. I’d be very happy with a 3:31 marathon time but also feel that the 1:40 half marathon is dead on right now, if I went out and ran a half I think that is exactly where I would be.

McMillian Times
McMillan Times

Anyone else use the McMillan Calculator? Is it accurate?

Also, this was my 6th year in a row running this race! (only 4 shirts pictured. I’m wearing one and apparentky I lost 1)

Couple more years and I can make a Malachi blanket out of these!
Couple more years and I can make a Malachi blanket out of these!

5 thoughts on “St. Malachi 5 Miler

  1. Great race! Way to hit your goals despite the weather! I don’t think the McMillan calculator works for me. It thinks I could run a marathon between 2:38 and 2:45 (depending on which PR you use), which is definitely beyond what I’m capable of. It might work for the right type of person though.

  2. good work speedy! the weather on saturday was terrible but it just makes you a better runner for toughing it out. i think McMillan only works well when using closer distances to compare. For example, I would never predict my half marathon time off my 5K time. A more accurate gauge would be to use my 10K to predict. Although I do agree it depends on the type of runner as well!

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