St. Albert The Great 5K

I had originally planned on running the Avon Sole to Soul 5K but made a last minute decision to run the St. Albert the Great 5K. I was not very familiar with the course but had my fingers crossed for a flat course. Well, fingers crossed did not work. It was not a super hilly course but had some rollers that killed my race.

You would think by now that it would have warmed up but nope, race temps were in the 20s but felt like 10. I cannot wait to run and race with less clothing on.

For the first mile I wanted to stay close to a 7 min mile so that I wouldn’t die out in the end. I think my first mile was around 6:42, a little fast but not too bad. Also, drank too much water and was having that water belly sound the whole first mile. Always make me laugh when I hear that sound. However, the second mile did a lot of hill climbing. Not huge hills but long and gradual. My mile time slipped by almost a minute! However, I held on and pushed myself for the last mile.

Purple race shirts=I know what my next race throwaway will be.
I wanted to be in the 21s for the race however, I ran a 22:20 instead. Not too bad and probably could have cut off at least 30 seconds without the hills during miles 2 and 3. I ended up with 2nd in my age group and 7th female overall. Age group winners got ribbons for awards but if you placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd overall you got some sweet trophy’s.

Me and my girl Kelly. Super fast and the overall winner.
Not sure if anyone has noticed but yes I have been wearing the same running outfit every Saturday. It’s one of the warmest things I have to run in. I should probably wash it though. I’m half joking lol.

Kinda crazy but I think that was my last race before the Athens Half Marathon. That means the Athens Half is getting really close!

5 thoughts on “St. Albert The Great 5K

  1. Hills are no fun. I can’t believe how cold it’s been here, I hope spring can come soon! Congrats on the second place in your age group! That’s awesome!
    And I literally wear the same thing every week. Stupid Ohio and it’s never changing weather.

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