Surviving Wedding Planning: Hint it’s easy!

Anyone planning a wedding right now if going to hate me for saying this but WEDDING PLANNING IS EASY!!!! It’s probably not meant to be but for me it has been easy and very little stress. I even admit the few things I stress about are dumb. I think part of the reason it has been so easy for me is most girls have dreamt about getting married since they were little girls. I was not one of those girls.

I have however been to a ton of weddings. I had 2 years where I was attending 10 weddings a year, some were back to back (one on Friday and another one on Saturday) and some were out of town. It was crazy and I still refer to it as “Wedding Palooza”. However, through attending so many weddings I was able to narrow down what I liked and didn’t like. It came in handy when planning my wedding. Also, since most of my friends are married, wedding planning advice and vendor recommendations came to me like crazy.

A couple of things that stressed me out were (and they were all little things):

  • My Church. Specifically my Priest. We want a traditional catholic wedding and don’t plan on adding or changing a whole lot. However, we were informed of a set way that the procession HAS to be. Every wedding I have been in, the bride and groom were able to decide on that and we had already planned on ours being a certain way. Stressful yes. But not the end of the world and no one is going to notice. Basically everyone has to walk down as couples and we wanted the girls to walk down by themselves (nothing crazy but we were told no). Not sure how that will work since we don’t have an even numbers of guys and girls lol. Also, priest wanted us to see each other before the wedding and I said NO WAY! Ryan and I both wanted the first time he sees me to be when I am walking down the aisle. That moment will be priceless aka one of us will probably cry.

    My church!!!!
  • The Church Again. We were told our wedding would be the only one that day. There is now a wedding before ours and now the earliest we can get to church is 30 mins before. Most of the guests will start getting there around then so it will be crazy. I now  have to get ready at home instead of in the bridal suite at the church (the bride before me gets the suite, first come first serve). Also, we cannot decorate the church now since we will only get there 30 mins before and guests will already be there and the previous wedding will be taking theirs down. 😦 Originally, I thought “Hey that will save us money!” but now me and my bridesmaids are taking the limo to the ceremony so there goes the money we would have saved. I don’t want to risk getting in and our of a car in my dress. Need some space for these things 🙂
Not my limo but pretty sweet looking
  • Lost a Bridesmaid. One of my best friends and bridesmaids is due about 10 days before the wedding and decided to gracefully step down. It’s still really hard to think that she’s not a bridesmaid. She’s now an Unofficial Bridesmaid and I’m including her in everything still. However, her dropping out gave me the push to ask someone else I had originally wanted in the wedding. I had wanted to ask another cousin but couldn’t decide and this made my decision!
Some bridesmaids and 1 unofficial bridesmaid.
Some bridesmaids and 1 unofficial bridesmaid.
  • Shoes! I’ve had 4 pairs ordered and sent to me but had to send them all back for being too big! Ordered smaller sizes and they were still too big. I needed a specific shoe height since my dress was ordered for that shoe height. (this way when the dress is altered I don’t lose any of the design or shape of the dress. Short people problems). BUT I found shoes!!! Now I just need to get them dyed PINK!
  • My Dress! I ordered it in August and was told it would be in at the end of January/Early February. It came in last week. Good thing I ordered it early!
  • Honeymoon. We tossed around some ideas but had a hard time deciding due to “someone’s” fear of flying over water. However, I’m kinda glad because due to that, we are now going to 2 places for our honeymoon!

And that’s it! That’s all the stress I’ve had. I’m lucky to have a Fiance who helps me out whenever I need it. I have the best bridesmaids who let me ramble about wedding nonsense. I have a Maid of Honor that I text daily about wedding stuff. And I have a Mom who is beyond understanding, helps me out with the wedding when I need it and she talks me away from doing things that may be too trendy and will look dumb in a couple years. She keeps me grounded. (and not the “in trouble” grounding. we save that for my sister)

Doesn't she just look like trouble.
Doesn’t she just look like trouble.

Overall my advice is plan ahead and plan early. We picked our wedding date early. Looked at a calendar and narrowed down some dates, then called the church and reception hall to see what matched up. Once the date was picked we booked anything that might get booked fast like the DJ, band and photographer. Every month I set some goals on what I want to get done and do them. Right now my goals are to finish assembling invitations and work on my place card project. I know about 6 weeks before the wedding it gets kinda crazy busy but hopefully I have planned ahead and it’s not too bad.

Also, don’t sweat the small stuff. No one is going to care or even remember the font you used or the envelope colors. Yes these are things I think about.

Anyone out there a stressed out bride? I feel like I am the exception.

9 thoughts on “Surviving Wedding Planning: Hint it’s easy!

  1. i am totally stressed trying to plan for june of next year! we are still trying to pick a place to have the reception and places we have looked at are already booked 😦 everyone does keep telling me as soon as your reception is booked it gets easier! im crossing my fingers cause at this point i just want to go to the courthouse!

  2. I haven’t really been stressed until just recently! Making the table assignments is tough! And making sure we have all our payments in (they’re all due the 4th) and all the little details figured out. We sent all our payments in yesterday which was a huge load off my back but now I still have to figure out tables and I’m still missing like 40 RSVPs. Ugh. People.

  3. I am not a mom who is beyond understanding!! You’re just saying that so next time you need something I’ll do it!! 🙂

  4. I haven’t been too stressed – I actually love all the planning and picking out of stuff. I was getting worried about the dress but am glad I finally took the plunge and ordered it. Our only real issue to date was finding our reception location. “somebody” didn’t want a typical hall and with 200 people there aren’t too many affordable choices out there. After 3 months of looking all over, I found the perfect spot so it all worked out. I’m really sad that my Maid of Honor lives in Charlotte and isn’t here with me. Things would be so much more fun with her – plus I could put her to work 🙂

  5. You sound mega organised! I’m in Wedding Palooza right now…7 weddings to go to in the next 18 months and I plan on picking up lots of ideas, tips and things to avoid!

  6. Planning a wedding can really be stressful. I remember helping a friend with the planning, she had a year to do it. We were just happy everything turned out perfectly. I totally agree, it’s always best to plan ahead of time. Great post by the way.

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