Cleveland Marathon Training Week 12: Sick :(

The week started out so well. I did speedwork, met up with some bloggers, had a triple workout day and then Friday I woke up with a sore throat. I figured it was nothing but as the day went on it got worse. Friday I ended up going to bed at 8pm but was convinced I would be fine by morning and would get my long run in and if I still had a sore throat I was going to go to the Doctor…after my long run. Runners are crazy.

However, when I woke up Saturday morning, I was convinced I had strep and went straight to the doctor. Yes, I skipped my long run. Doctor said I had a fever and cold symptoms but no strep and no flu. I was sent home to rest and take cold medicine. Which I did and thought I’d be fine by Sunday and do my long run then. Woke up Sunday, still sick. I just barely dragged myself to Easter dinner with the family. Couldn’t eat or taste anything but I made it! I had hopes that all the resting I did over the weekend I would be good to go to work Monday morning. Monday morning I woke up and immediately called off. It’s been a crazy and very sick couple of days but I am FINALLY feeling like myself again.

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: Speedwork. 1 mile warm up, 8-800s at 3:18, 3:20, 3:19, 3:21, 3:27, 3:21, 3:23, 3:21. 1 mile CD
Wednesday: Spinning in the morning. Dinner with Cleveland Marathon Bloggers after work!

Official Cleveland Marathon Bloggers, Jess, Steph and Jess!
Official Cleveland Marathon Bloggers, Jess, Steph and Jess!

Thursday: 3 mile run in the morning. 3 mile run after work (at a sub 7:30 pace oops). Spinning Class at Psycle.
Friday: Rest day/the start of deathly sickness
Saturday: Sick
Sunday: Sick

Total Mileage: 14 miles

The best part of my training this week was that I did 8-800s and I did them all at or around 3:20. That was my goal to keep them there and not go too fast. It was hard to not go too fast for the first couple but by the end, holding the 3:20s was a little easier.

I missed my long run so I am moving it to Thursday and then starting a mini taper for the Athens Half marathon.

What do you do when you are sick and can’t run? Make up runs at a later time? I usually try to run through sickness. However, this one left me barely able to get up.

8 thoughts on “Cleveland Marathon Training Week 12: Sick :(

  1. I used to run through it – now I let it dictate my days. That’s why I didn’t make the blogger meetup – I was sick! For over a week! Hope you’re feeling better soon…………get lots of Vitamin C!

  2. Hey girl. I’m sorry you got so sick! What a bummer…. This spring has been such a letdown so far. It can only get better. I’m thinking its just making us that much tougher right? Thanks again for all the encouragement and support you give me via twitter. You’re such a sweety and you girls look gorgeous in that picture! Feel better!

  3. I don’t get sick often, but when I do get sick, it is usually the same nastiness in my lungs, dry cough, and sinus pressure awfulness. It’s always weeks if not more than a month before I drag myself to the doctor, still not taking rest from running. When I came down with something last Wednesday and felt miserable running on Thursday evening and Friday morning, I gave in to rest. I am so glad that I did it, because although I didn’t run at all on Saturday or Sunday, I was good to go and just pushed my long run to Monday morning. I lucked out getting sick at the start of spring break, so that I was easily able to make up the running that I missed.

    Get well!

  4. I’m so glad you’re feeling better! Being sick for holiday meals is the worst. Hopefully you had some leftovers.
    When I’m sick I try to keep working out just a little- I’ve surprised myself with how many fevers I’ve sweated out. When I’m as sick as you were…the runs are a lost cause. Don’t look back šŸ™‚

  5. Never try and make it up. Its a prescription for injury. Missing a couple of runs will not cause you a big problem as long as your overall training is consistent. Good luck with the rest of your training

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