Boston Heartbreak

I can’t believe this happened.
I can’t believe this happened to my favorite race.
One where I have been both a participant and a spectator.
I’m in shock that this happened to runners.
Runners who give back, raise money for charity, support each other,
are humble and a tight community who welcomes everyone.
But this did not only happen to runners.
This has happened to the the supporters.
The family and friends of runners who think you are crazy
but come to support you anyways.
This has happened to volunteers who gave up their day
to help out with the Boston Marathon.

Yesterday morning I was up early to watch the Boston Marathon. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time waiting to see what the elites could do. I was also tracking many of my friends online and cheering for them from afar. I had no idea the turn of events that would happen after those elites had finished…

It’s no secret that the Boston Marathon holds a special place in my heart. I trained hard to qualify in 2009 and ran it in 2010. I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. My worst fear while running the Boston Marathon in 2010 was that my little sister (6 yrs old at the time) would get lost in the crowds. The area along the finish line is very busy and a lot of people walk through that way to get past the finish line and meet up with their families. As busy as it was, I never once felt it was unsafe. I never once felt that extra security was needed.

In 2012, I was at the Boston marathon as a spectator. I thought the race was incredible to run but watching it was just as incredible. Being in the crowds was awesome. You would not believe the amount of people who come out to watch. Some are family and friends of runners, some are locals who come to see the race and some travel just to watch the most prestigious race. In 2012, my biggest fear was that I would lose the group of 9 people I was traveling with. I was trying to keep us all together despite the crowds. Still, despite the crowds, I still felt safe and never felt the need for extra security.

While watching the Boston Marathon yesterday I kept showing Ryan “Look! Look! That’s where I was standing last year to watch you”. I was so excited to see that same spot I was in, as I watched Ryan complete his first Boston. This year, that spot I was watching from last year, was where one of the bombs went off. If we went to Boston this year, I would have went to that same spot to watch. It was a perfect spot, great crowd support and was the fastest way for me to meet up with Ryan after the race. Seeing that spot on TV last night as where the explosion was brought tears to my eyes.

I have so many friends that were in Boston yesterday running. Ryan and I immediately starting tracking them down to make sure they were ok. It took us awhile but we were able to track them all down and they were all ok! Some immediately left the city while others are leaving first thing this morning.

I can’t imagine being a runner near the finish line when the bombs went off. It’s obviously something you would not expect but also hard to run away from after you’ve just ran a marathon. I can’t imagine those runners who were stopped on the course and diverted away from the finish line. Those runners didn’t know what was going on or how bad the situation was. The Boston Marathon is a dream come true for runners. The Boston Marathon should not be a runners nightmare.

The fear that the runners and supporters had to go through yesterday is unthinkable. Not only because they couldn’t finish but because they couldn’t get to their bags to get their cell phones. To meet up with family and friends after the race is difficult when you can’t get to the family meeting area and  you can’t get to your phone make any calls. Not knowing is a scary thing. 

The events of yesterday hit a little too close to home for me. Tears are still in my eyes today. I’m praying for those who have lost their lives yesterday and for those who have been injured. I am thankful for the first responders yesterday and the brave people who stepped up to help in such a crazy situation.

The running community is great and I know they can handle this. But if you can hug a runner today.




13 thoughts on “Boston Heartbreak

  1. Thoughts going out to all those in Boston.
    Jess, so happy you and Ryan are in OH this year!
    Keep on running! And those of us that don’t, we will keep on spectating!

  2. I’m so incredibly grateful that you and Ryan opted to skip Boston this year. Your desire to make your next Boston Marathon experience a joint, married run may have just saved you from devastating sights. As close to home as this news hits now, I’m glad it isn’t hitting even closer.

    This was a beautiful blog entry, even if it’s terrible that you’ve been made to feel these things. You did manage to make me laugh with your comment about the friends that think you’re crazy, but support you, anyway. I wasn’t sure laughter was possible right now, so well done! And, thanks.

    Didn’t you blog about the inspirational sights we witnessed last year? I seem to recall photos and stories, but didn’t find that entry tagged with “Boston Marathon.” I think a blog bump is in order- it might help non-runners realize what makes the running community special and why the Boston Marathon more than just a race against your own stamina.

    1. I didn’t want to post any pictures from last years race because I don’t want people to mistake them for pictures from this years race. I have awesome pictures of runners helping each other to the finish line.
      Glad I could make you laugh a little.

  3. Great blog about horrific events. Who would ever dream something like this would happen? I’m really thankful you were planning on waiting until next year to run again. I’m so sad for everyone affected – it’s just heartbreaking.

  4. Very nice post, thanks for sharing your thoughts. So glad you and everyone you guys know are all okay.

    Since becoming a runner I’ve met some awesome people and have gotten some sense of how close and kind the running community is, but at no point has this been more evident than now.

  5. I couldn’t even imagine how that must’ve felt, it was heartbreaking for me and I’ve never even been to Boston or ran a marathon, but any kind of tragedy always sinks my heart. I’m so glad that you and your friends are safe, and you truly wrote a beautiful post.

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