Silent Saturday Organized Group Run & Other ways to support Boston

Tomorrow at 8am many Cleveland area runners are planning to gather, have a moment of silence and then head out for a group run. If you are free tomorrow, come out for the run. All are welcome to join and there are multiple distances. Remember to try to wear blue and yellow colors.

Who:  ANY Cleveland Runners. ANY Clevelanders. ANYone who wants to show support.
What: Organized group run. This is not an official event or race. Just a group of runners gathering to have a moment of silence and show their support for Boston. Please obey all traffic laws and stay on sidewalks when you can.
Where: Voinovich Park, Downtown Cleveland
When: Saturday April 20, 2013

More Info can be found at: www.silentsaturday.com
Big thanks to Dave++ for setting up the site and for organizing the run.

There are also a number of races this weekend that you can attend. Eagles on Foot, Jog into Spring, Old Oak Run, Race for Brunswick Blue Pride, Race to Empower, and Race to the Max

I cannot make the group run because I have to attend Pre-Cana but I will be at Race to the Max as my sister runs her first 5K!

Other ways to help:

If you are looking to donate a fund has been set up at http://onefundboston.org/

Other companies are having running specials and selling items where 100% of the profits go to the victims! Remember that some of these victims not only have to deal with medical bills for right now but have had life altering wounds that affect them for the rest of their life!

Adidias-Selling Boston Tribute Tees for $26.20. Free Shipping and 100% of proceeds go to One Fund. The are selling like crazy! (I already got mine)
Erica Sara– Selling a super cute “Boston Strong” necklace and 100% of proceeds go to the victims.
BicBands-They have created a chevron headband, in Boston colors. Should be on their site soon. Bic Bands has always been known for donating to charities.

With all the craziness going on I don’t want anyone to forget about the fire/explosion in Texas. I know Boston is taking the attention away from them but West, Texas also need your help. Please donate to the Red Cross to help those affected.

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