Interview with my Sister: Her first 5K

I waited a few days to interview my little Sister on her first 5K. I wanted it to fully sink in how far she went. I was really surprised by her answers and you will see how she totally melts my heart.

I made Lisa a training plan for her first 5K and my goal was to only have her run 3 days a week. I met up with her a few times to make sure she was getting her runs in and to gauge how she was doing. She also had goals to reach such as run a mile straight and if she runs a 5k in 30 mins or less we’ll go get pedicures.

Name: Lisa (also goes by Doodle Bug)
Age: 9

At the start
At the start

Me: What got you started to run and train for your first 5K?
Lisa: My Sister. I wanted to be like her.
Editor’s Note: Awwww! Did not expect this answer. I expected “My sister made me. She is so mean”

Me: How did you do in your first race?
Lisa: Pretty good, I guess.
Editor’s Note: 1.) she finished and 2.) she placed in her age group….even if she was the only one πŸ™‚

Lisa running with Ryan
Lisa running with Ryan

Me: Do you want to run other distances? Something farther?
Lisa: Sure!
Editor’s Note: Wow. Ok!

Me: Will you ever run a marathon?
Lisa: I’ll try…
Editor’s Note: WOW! OK!!!! Totally surprised me with that answer.

Running hills like a champ
Running hills like a champ

Me: Favorite part of the race?
Lisa: The end when I passed through the finish line

Me: Least favorite part?
Lisa: Going up the hill
Editor’s Note: It was a very short hill.

Lisa's cheering section. The rents were awesome and saw her at 2 points!
Lisa’s cheering section. The rents were awesome and saw her at 2 points!

Me: Do you have any running goals?
Lisa: Being ready for the next one.
Editor’s Note: I think now she knows what to expect for a race. And I think she slacked on some training but know she knows better.

Me: What did you eat post race?
Lisa: pancakes, eggs and bacon
Editor’s Note: And my toast.


Me: How sore were you post race?
Lisa: Immediately after my muscles were sore and I wanted to pass out. But I was fine the next day.

Me: What will you do differently for your next 5K?
Lisa: Practice more.

1st in her age group!
1st in her age group!

Lisa’s next 5K will be Memorial Day weekend so she’ll have about a month to train and get ready. I would really like to get her to run 1 5K race a month and see how she improves over the year. Her official time for her first 5K was 42:04 a 13:34 pace.Β  So no pedicures this round but I’m pretty sure she’ll cut off a lot of time on her next 5K.

12 thoughts on “Interview with my Sister: Her first 5K

  1. This is so cute! I’m so glad your sister is starting to run and is enjoying it! I love the comment about she wants to be just like you πŸ™‚ Awww

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