St. Angela 5K

I’ve heard good things about this race in the past but it’s the same day as the Hermes 10 Miler so I usually do that one instead. Since I am still recovering from marathon number 11, this race seemed perfect to start back with. I was told that it is small but that it has good prizes. I didn’t pre-register for this race because I heard it was mail in only and I’m too lazy for that (they do have online registration though!). When I got there I filled out the form and had my $25 ready to go. However, they were all out of race shirts so they only charged me $10! Probably one of the cheapest 5K’s I’ve ran!

After a short 1.5 mile warm up, I shed some layers and headed over to the start line. Looking around I felt like I was the only adult running. I felt like it was me and a bunch of little kids. Parents were urging their kids to be in the front. It was a little weird because normally you’d want kids lined up so they didn’t get trampled. Anyways, the gun went off and I immediately took the lead for the females and escaped all the little kids.

I thought I knew the course and that it was all flat except for one very small section. I was wrong though. We ran through a neighborhood and there were a couple small hills. Just enough to slow you down if you weren’t expecting it. As I passed the 1 mile mark everyone said I was in the lead! Woohoo! As I passed the water stop they all said there was no one even close. Woohoo!

Somehow, right before I reached mile 2, I heard some breathing to my left and saw this teeny tiny runner. She looked great! Not winded or tired and ready to go. I was planning on holding my pace for the rest of the race so if she picked it up then she easily had the lead. Not sure if I picked it up or if she just dropped back but she wasn’t next to me anymore. But instantly I was thinking in my head that I had to let this girl win if she was close to me. I would look like a bad sport if I out sprinted her to the finish. At mile 2.2 she had creeped back up and was next to me again. As we passed through the neighborhood, everyone cheered for her and knew her by name. I decided right then that if she kept up that pace and we got to the finish together, that I had to let her win. This was her race.

Luckily, I didn’t have to worry about that because at mile 2.3 she started kicking! I thought maybe she didn’t know where the finish line was or something. I wanted to tell her she had time before she needed to pick it up. As we neared the finish line she kept getting farther away from me and she took the win for overall female! In other words I got owned by an 11 year old! I’m ok with that though, she ran a good race, she ran better than me and I realized my legs were still majorly recovering from the marathon.


I ended up with 2nd overall female and first in my age group. With a not so great time of 23:03 but also less than 2 weeks after running a marathon.

I probably won’t do this race again. I highly recommend it if you have a little kid that wants to race but I didn’t feel like it was like other 5Ks in the area. If you have to walk this race I also wouldn’t recommend it. You have to cross a major intersection and the police directing traffic did not stay til the end. There were runners and walkers who had to stop at the corner and wait for the light (it’s a long light too).

Would you be mad if you didn’t get a race t-shirt? I’ve got a TON so I love when I don’t have to have one.

Would you let a little kid win? Luckily she beat me fair and square but I was a little nervous we’d get to the finish line together. Also, she one 2 massages!


3 thoughts on “St. Angela 5K

  1. I had to laugh as I was reading this recap because I’ve run little neighborhood “family 5ks'” too AND THEY FEEL SO WEIRD. You are right, they don’t have the same feel. That would have been really sweet of you to let her win if needed, but it’s still awesome that she shows so much talent at a young age. I would BE THRILLED if I didn’t get another 5k or 10k race shirt or had the option for a cheaper reg. fee to not get one.

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