Cleveland Marathon Spectating: Step it up Eastsiders!

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I’m being 100% serious in saying that WATCHING A MARATHON IS FUN!!!! I’ve watched quite a few marathons and get completely sucked in every time. You get to watch the top/elite runners come through, then you get to see the top women (they are amazing), then as time goes on you get to see normal everyday people who maybe are running their 12th marathon (raises hand) or maybe it’s their first marathon. Either way it’s inspiring and entertaining to watch runners of all shapes, sizes and ages run by.

Excuse my lack of MS Paint skills
Excuse my lack of MS Paint skills but I marked in red some areas that need support. You can find a PDF map here

In past years, the Cleveland Marathon has the best spectators on the Westside, downtown and Tremont area. This is the beginning of the race and majorly pumps up the runners. For the second half of the race, we head to the Eastside and every year there are very few spectators. 😦 There are many stretches on the second half of the course where there is no one. The second half of a marathon you are tired, perhaps hitting a wall and really need support. So I’m calling out the Eastsiders to come and show your support for the marathon!

On the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Site, they have a list of “Best Spots to Watch“. The list is spot on!

  1. Lakeside and W. 6th
  2. West Blvd and Edgewater Dr.
  3. West Side Market – Lorain and W. 25th
  4. Lincoln Park – Starkweather and W. 11th
  5. 2078 W. 25th Street/Lorain @ Room Service
  6. Carnegie and Ontario by Progressive Field
  7. W. 6th and Superior
  8. Euclid and E. 14th
  9. Wade Lagoon
  10. Martin Luther King and State Park Path
  11. E. 40th and St. Clair (marathon passes twice)
  12. E. 9th and St. Clair

I highlighted number 11. HELLO!!! This is a perfect Eastside location to watch from. The marathon passes through twice! That is the marathon spectating lottery right there. A spot not listed but that I want to mention is on Chester between E. 40th to E. 105th. This spot is very easy to get to and when you are done you can head up to University Circle for a late breakfast or lunch. Better yet, pack a lunch and picnic while watching the race.

If that’s not enough, check out one of 16 “Neighborhood Parties“. Some are part of a water station while others have live bands and entertainment!

Love this. Color coordinated and creative signs! http://speedyjessica.blogspot.com/2011/05/cleveland-marathon-2011-race-report.html

If that’s not enough check out the list of restaurants that are open in the St.Clair/Superior area on the near Eastside. I highly recommend Siam Cafe and Sterle’s Slovenian Country House.

So bring your signs, cowbells, clapping hands, smiles, cheers, encouraging words and spirit and show some support for the 2013 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon.

P.S. I have a really good feeling that the weather will be perfect this year.

Where will you be cheering? Do you have a go to spot every year? My Mom goes to the same spot every year and it’s on the Eastside! Way to represent Mom!

Favorite sign? A few years ago I saw a girl holding  a sign that said “Single & Supportive” that one has stuck out in my mind ever since.

6 thoughts on “Cleveland Marathon Spectating: Step it up Eastsiders!

  1. I love this post! I’m going to be a marathon supporter this year and hopefully even pop in to run alongside a close friend to keep her pumped up. I haven’t talk times or location yet but I imagine I’ll be on the east side and stay out that to cheer.

    This past Saturday I walked out of my building and posted up on the sidewalk on Lake Ave. to cheer on the Cleveland 10-miler and I had a BLAST. I was standing out there for 2.5 hours and I didn’t even realize it. It took me back to my cheerleading glory days. I told Nick that I might not run races anymore…just go cheer for them!

    I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for you!

  2. Great reminder of the joys of spectating and given recent events, we get a feeling Clevelanders are going to come out in a big way this year and support the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. We’ve had much fun the last few years in front of The Harp as the Pep Club/Dance Party entertained and encouraged the half and full marathoners. With the course change, we’re moving to mile 9 and teaming up with Tremont Taphouse for a bigger and better gig! See you on the 19th!

  3. Thank you for this post! & echo your call for encouragement on the East side 🙂 This will be my third time running the Cleveland marathon and those last miles are pretty sparse. It would be so awesome if there were more people along them, cheering runners on…

  4. Thanks for your post. I just met with some friends who are coming out to support my first marathon and I will definitely direct them to this information.

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